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Beijing Chinese School
  About Hello!  
  Dreams - Learn Chinese Easier and Faster  
  Hello! Mandarin - Beijing Online School of Chinese/Mandarin Language was built in 2003 as the first and the largest online/broadband live Chinese school with the most advanced long distance telecommunication technology in the world. Hello! is a major global Chinese/Mandarin training service provider which enables adults and children to fulfill their dreams by providing world class Chinese/Mandarin language and Chinese culture education. Hello! Mandarin provides a complete learning environment where you can achieve your goal and improve your quality of life.
The Team of Hello! includes professionals of both Chinese Education and Telecommunication Technology.
Our Mission: Study Chinese Anytime and Anywhere with the best Resource of the world
  Location of Our School - Beijing Haidian Zhongguancun College Town Map  

Beijing Chinese School

  2003 - Hello! Mandarin Chinese Language School was built in Beijing
2003 - Hello! Mandarin Chinese Language School was built in Toronto of Canada
2004 - Cooperated with Chinese World to build Beijing Online School of Chinese Language. It is the first Live Chinese Language Online School in the world.
2004 - Hello! Mandarin started to offer live Chinese classes for multi-national companies of USA, Canada and Europe. Powerful Corporate Admin system for HR or Training Dept. to track training process was offered.
2005 - Cooperated with Chinese World to build Chinese Language Teacher Interview, Management and Evaluation system and office in Beijing. Over 400 Chinese teachers entered Teacher Database in 2005.
2006 - Chinese Language Teacher Interview, Management and Evaluation system and database started to be shared by public schools, colleges and universities of USA, Canada, Australia and Europe.
2006 - Voice Connecting China - Practice With Volunteers system was built. Over 3,000 Chinese volunteers were registered in 2006.
  Key Advantages of MULTIMETHOD  
  * Convenient Learning Methods
1. Enjoy Learning Chinese at home on Internet
2. Save time and money
3. Amazing Internet Live Video Classroom
4. Lots of opportunities to communicate with all kinds of Chinese people in China
5. Receive all qualified classes in your country and no need for you to go to China to study

* Individual Training delivered at your pace
1. Every student has a private bilingual study adviser for free
2. Personalized study plan will be offered by your private study adviser

* Qualified Teacher Team
1. All teachers are Bilingual (a foreign language and Chinese)
2. Native Chinese Speakers in Beijing (Capital of China, Birthplace of Mandarin/Chinese)
3. Highly experienced and dedicated
4. Holding Certificate of Teaching Chinese as a Second Language

* Flexible Time Table
1. 24/7 Class Service
2. Class can be taken any time at your convenience

* Enough Practice Opportunity
1. Enjoy conversing with native Chinese from all walks of life, such taxi driver, official, businessman, etc
2. Absolute Chinese Speaking Environment, even learn Chinese at your home

  Did you meet these Problems With Traditional Methods? MULTIMETHOD will help you to solve.  
  * It is impossible for all non-Chinese speakers to be successful in studying and understanding Chinese only through reading textbooks and using software or CD by themselves.

* No practice opportunities after class of a local language school. Students forget what they learnt very soon without practice.

* Traditional classes are usually made up of students with different levels of knowledge and ability.

* The courses are not personalized to meet the needs of the students therefore wasting money with no guarantees of success.

* Teachers are usually inexperienced, not professional, and constantly changing.

* Missing classes mean 'lost classes', so that students fall behind, become demotivated and soon quit.

* Managers of a company lack information about the progress and attendance record of their employees. (For Business Chinese)

* The fixed class time of traditional schools is not compatible with the day-to-day work pace of your employees. (For Business Chinese)

  #1 Choice of Global Corporations  
  Over 200 leading global companies trust our proven methodology in Chinese learning. Find out why.  
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