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Free Learning Chinese courses, learn some Chinese words about dentist. Let's start Learning Chinese around these topics
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Topic: Learning Chinese
Vocabulary: Toothache, 牙疼 I’ve got a toothache 我牙疼。cavity, 蛀牙I need a filling.我要补牙。drill 牙钻,Open wide 嘴张大点儿。Just relax. 放松点儿
Function: go to see the dentist
Level: Zero to Survival Level (see level map)
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Y: Dajia hao, hello everyone, perfect your Chinese every day, right here in the Chinese Studio. Wo shi Y., and how’s Dracula today?
B: You’re so funny my dear, wo hai shi B, I’ve still B despite the lost tooth look. Guess what, I’ve got a dental appointment to get too.
Y: I’ll come along for the ride, and I’ll bring a few keywords too, here they are.
Key words of the day
Toothache, 牙疼 I’ve got a toothache 我牙疼。cavity, 蛀牙I need a filling.我要补牙。drill 牙钻,Open wide 嘴张大点儿。Just relax. 放松点儿. All in today’s Chinese Studio.
Y: Do you remember B we learned how to say, I’ve got a toothache.
B: I think so, wo3 ya2 teng2.
Y: Dui. Wo3 ya2 teng2. ya2 means tooth,
B: ya2,
Y: teng2 means ache,
B: teng2,
Y: wo3 ya2 teng2
B: wo3 ya2 teng2 I’ve got a toothache. The dentist told me I have a cavity. What do we call it Y?
Y: you can say: zhu4 ya2.
B: zhu4 ya2.
Y: zhu4 means decay,
B: zhu4,
Y: ya2 means tooth,
B: ya2,
Y: zhu4 ya2.
B: zhu4 ya2. a cavity, And I need a filling. How do I tell the dentist?
Y: you can say: wo2 xiang3 bu3 ya2.
B: wo2 yao4 bu3 ya2.
Y: wo2 yao4 means I need to do something,
B: wo2 yao4,
Y: bu3 ya2 means to fill a tooth,
B: bu3 ya2,
Y: wo2 yao4 bu3 ya2
B: wo2 yao4 bu3 ya2. I need a filling.

Conversations (1):

A: 大夫,我牙疼。
B: 我看看。。。你有颗蛀牙。

B: I can see that nasty weapon heading my way, the dreaded drill.
Y: You are so melodramatic B, you’ve been watching too many b-rate movies. By the way, that thing you call a drill, is what we call ya2 zuan4 in Chinese, as zuan4 means drill,
B: ya2 zuan4. What’s that the dentist just said?
Y: I’ll repeat it, 嘴张大点.
B: zui3 zhang1 da4 dianer3
Y: zui3 is mouth,
B: zui3,
Y: zhang1 means open,
B: zhang1,
Y: da4 means wide,
B: da4,
Y: dianer3 means a little bit,
B: dianer3,
Y: zui3 zhang1 da4 dianer3
B: zui3 zhang1 da4 dianer3, oh I get, time to open wide.


Conversations (2):

: 大夫,我牙疼。
B: 我看看。。。嘴张大点。

B: I’m still nervous. Since I always have goose skin when I heard the sound of the drill.
Y: it’s okay, just relax, like what the dentist told you. fang4 song1 dianer3.
B: fang4 song1 dianer3.
Y: fang4 song1 means relax,
B: fang4 song1,
Y: dianer3 means a little bit,
B: dianer3,
Y: fang4 song1 dianer3.
B: fang4 song1 dianer3. Just relax…I’ve made up my mind Y. After this, I’m gonna make a bigger effort to look after my teeth. The drill is slowly wearing off and how about this for a million dollar smile.
Y: Yeah, that new tooth look’s pretty good, maybe not quite a million dollars worth, but certainly an improvement.


Conversations (3):

B: So my Dracula impersonation is over for today. How about a quick question before we disappear Y?

Now question of the day: how do we say, “dental floss” in Chinese of course.

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