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Pod cast - Chinese Online Class
Free Chinese Online Class, learn some Chinese words about Chinese dollar Renminbi and shopping in China. Let's learn in Chinese Online Class course around these topics
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Topic: Chinese Online Class
Vocabulary: 元、角、分. 这个多少钱?How much is it? 三块, three yuan.
Function: some expressions when you buy something
Level: Zero to Survival Level (see level map)
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Cam: Perfect Chinese your way, in only five minutes a day. Welcome to Chinese Studio, I’m Cam. 早上好, Yajie.
Yajie: 早上好(zǎoshang hǎo), Cam. Last time we learned how to say some words related to time. Cam, do you remember how to say “what time is it now?” in Chinese?
Cam: I sure do. It’s现在几点?(xianzai ji dian?)
Yajie: Then how do you say half past six in Chinese?
Cam: It’s六点半(liu dian ban).
Yajie: Today I will teach you what to say when you are shopping.
Cam: I definitely need that. I always want to buy some street food, but I never know what it is, or how to ask the price. How do you say “how much is it” in Chinese?
Yajie: Let’s find out in today’s Key words of the day.
Key words
Today we’ll learn some expressions when you buy something. 元、角、分. 这个多少钱?How much is it? 三块, three yuan. All in today’s Chinese Studio.
Yajie: Chinese currency is called Renminbi. It is composed of 元、角, 分.
Cam: 元(yuan), 角(jiao), 分(fen).
Yajie: one元(yuan) equals ten角(jiao), and one角(jiao) equals10分(fen).
Cam: I heard that元 is also called 块(kuai) in Chinese. For example 六块 (liu kuai).
Yajie: Yes. You are right. And in colloquial Chinese, 角(jiao) is also called毛(mao).

Conversations (1):

Yajie: From the conversations you may hear “这个多少钱” ?
Cam: What does that mean?
Yajie: “这个多少钱” means how much is it? 这个means this in English. 这个. Or you can say zhèige.
Cam: 这个(zhèige).
Yajie: 多少means how much. 多, d-u-o, the first tone; 少,s-h-a-o, the third tone. Literally, 多means “many or much”, 少 means “few or little”. But together it means “how much… ? or how many…?”
Cam: 多少 (duoshao).
Yajie: 钱 means money. 钱, q-i-a-n, the second tone. It’s the generic term for currency or money.
Cam: 钱 (qian).


Conversations (2):

Cam: So Yajie, If I want to buy some apples, how do I say“How much are these apples?”
Yajie: Good question. In Chinese “How much are these apples?” is pingguo duo sha chan?
Cam: 苹果多少钱 (píngguǒ duōshao qián)?
Yajie: 苹果 is apple.
Cam: 苹果 (píngguǒ) So I can say pingguo duōshao qián?
Yajie: Great! pingguo duōshao qián?

Cam: So Yajie, what would the answer be?
Yajie: Well, let’s say the apples cost 3 yuan per half a kilogram. In Chinese, this is: pingguo san kuai qian yi jin. San kuai means three yuan. Yi jin means half a kilogram.
Cam: So the apples cost three yuan for a half a kilogram. Pingguo san kuai qian yi jin.


Conversations (3):

Key words Reminder
Today we’ve learned the expressions when you buy something. 元、角、分. 您好,请问苹果多少钱?三块钱一斤.

Yajie: That’s all for today. Next time you are buying something in China, make sure you practice these new phrases.

Now question of the day: How do you say “how much is it” in Chinese?

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