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Essential Chinese 16: About Age 关于年龄
Beginner Level 1 (What is it?)

About Age 关于年龄

196. How old are you? 你多大了?
197. I'm twenty-two (years old). 我二十二了。
198. Mr. Smith is still in his forties. 史密斯先生才四十几岁。
199. I'm two years younger than my sister. 我比我姐小两岁。
200. My elder sister is one year older than her husband. 我姐比他丈夫大一岁。
201. He's the youngest in the family. 他是一家中最小的。
202. He looks much younger than he is. 他看起来比他实际上年轻得多。
203. I came here when I was 20. 我二十岁来这儿。
204. I started school at the age of 6. 我六岁开始上学。
205. My father is over 60 years old. 我父亲已年过六十了。
206. Most of them are less than 30. 他们中大多数不到30岁。
207. I guess he's about 30. 我猜他大概30岁。
208. She's going to be 15 next month. 下个月她就满15了。
209. They'll have a party for their 10th wedding anniversary.他们将为结婚十周年开个晚会。
210. He's still a boy after all. 他毕竟还只是个孩子。


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