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Essential Chinese 14: About Language 关于语言
Beginner Level 1 (What is it?)

About Language 关于语言

166. Do you speak English? 你会说英语吗?
167. Yes, a little. 会讲一点。
168. How long have you studied English? 你学英语多久了?
169. He speaks English fluently. 他讲英语很流利。
170. Your English is very good. 你的英语很好。
171. You speak English pretty well. 你的英语讲的很好。
172. Are you a native speaker of English? 你的母语是英语吗?
173. My native language is Chinese. 我的母语是汉语。
174. He speaks with London accent. 他带点伦敦口音。
175. He has a strong accent. 他口音很重。
176. I have some difficulty in expressing myself. 我表达起来有点困难。
177. I'm always confused with "s" and "th". 我常把s和th搞混。
178. Can you write in English? 你能用英文写文章吗?
179. Your pronunciation is excellent. 你的发音很好。
180. How can I improve my spoken English? 我该怎样才能提高口语水平?


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