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Aping A Beauty
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For students of Intermediate Level (What is it?)


Aping a Beauty

Xi Shi, a famous beauty, had a pain in her bosom, so she had a frown on her face when she went out. An ugly girl who lived nearby saw her and thought she looked very beautiful therefore when she went home, she also put her hands on her bosom and had a frown on her face.
When a rich man in the neighborhood saw her, he shut his doors tightly and did not go out. When a poor man saw her, he took his wife and children and gave her a wide berth.
She only knew Xi Shi's frown looked beautiful but she did not know the reason for its beauty.


颦 have a frown

效 aping

眉 eyebrow

丑 ugly

胸口 bosom

紧紧的 tightly

道理 reason



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