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Buying Shoes

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For students of Intermediate Level (What is it?)

    他回家去取量好的尺码。 等他赶回来时,市集已经关了,他还是没能买到鞋。
    他说:"我宁愿相信尺码也不相信我自己的脚。" (《韩非子》)

Buying shoes

A man of the state of Zheng wanted to buy a pair of shoes. He measured his foot and put the measurement on a chair. When he set out for the market he forgot to bring it along. It was after he had found the pair he wanted that this occurred to him.
I forgot the measurement, said he.
He went home to get it but when he returned the market had broken up and he did not get his shoes after all.
Why didn't you try on the shoes with your feet?
He was asked.
I 'd rather trust the measurement than trust myself. (《Hanfeizi》)


履 shoe

量 measure

脚 foot

尺码 measurement

椅子 chair

市集 market

忘 forget

宁愿 would rather

相信 believe

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