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Know more Chinese culture background and Chinese history. Your Guide to Chinese Culture. Learn Chinese history online now.
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Learn easy Chinese online. Daily online Chinese lesson
. His Spear Against his Shield自相矛盾
. Making His Mark
. The Willow
. Chinese Idioms Story: 草木皆兵
. Getting the Casket and Returning the Pearl
. Chinese Grammar - Mandarin Future Using Yao and Hui
. Cir – Lesson 675
. Cir – Lesson 674
. Cir – Lesson 673
. Cir – Lesson 672
Learn Chinese Pronunciation online now. Learn Chinese pinyin
. Foundation of Pinyin (Survival Level 1)
. Structure Knowledge of Chinese Pinyin
. Learn Pinyin Lesson 1 ( Survival Level)
. 韵母 Finals: a o e I u er (Survival Level 1)
. 拼合练习 Drills in combination (Survival)
. Chinese Pinyin - 叹[tàn] - HSK
. Chinese Pinyin - 谭[tán] - HSK
. HSK - 坛[tán] - Chinese Pinyin
. Chinese Pinyin - 摊[tān] - HSK
. Chinese Pinyin - 探[tàn] - HSK
Business Chinese more
Learn Business Chinese online. How to do business in China
. Dialogue: Import and Export Business
. Essential Office Chinese: Meeting 商务会见
. Essential Office Chinese: Schedule 日程安排
. Dialogue: Business Trip On a Plane在飞机上
. Dialogue: Meeting with Customers面见客户
. Chinese School - 新来的程序设计师行吗? - Business Chinese
. Business Chinese - 新来的程序设计师行吗? - Chinese School
. Chinese School - 这是难关,对吧?- Business Chinese
. Business Chinese - 你真是心狠手辣 - Chinese School
. Chinese School - 我们得要抢先完成 - Business Chinese
Writing-Characters more
Learn Chinese character online. Learn Chinese writing online
. 说“天” Talking about Tiɑn (The Sky)
. Words about Professions (1)
. Popular Words (1)
. Chinese Characters Evolution 3: 眉 Eyebrow
. Essential Chinese Characters Writing 1: 吃 Eat
. Chinese Charactor -Gas Station- Learn Chinese online
. Chinese Charactor - 夸父追日【kuā fù zhuī rì】 - Learn Chinese online
. Learn Chinese online - 三人成虎【sān rén chéng hǔ】 - Chinese Charactor
. Chinese Charactor - 映雪读书【yìng xuě dú shū】- Learn Chinese online
. Learn Chinese online - Grammar What Are You Going to Buy?

ConnectingChina ConnectingChina

Grammar more
Learn Chinese grammar online. How to express Chinese correctly
. The Chinese Sentence
. 语气助词“吧” Auxiliary word (Expressions)
. 定中词组 + “的” (Phrases)
. 动宾词组 The verb-object phrase (Phrases)
. Numerals and Measures
. Chinese Culture - Deep-fried Fish Fillets - Study Chinese
. Study Chinese - Lai Tangyuan - Chinese Culture
. Children Chinese - Value
. Children Chinese - Myths
. Children Chinese - Attributes
Reading more
Learn Chinese reading online. practice reading comprehension
. Popular New Words -- 房奴 House Slave
. Popular New Words and Phrases -- Mischief
. Popular New Words 月光族 Moonlight Clan
. 生命的机遇 A Chance of a lifetime (Intermediate)
. 雪 Snow - Lu Xun (Intermediate Level )
. Chinese Charactor -Gas Station- Learn Chinese online -- 2011-09-07 23:42:19
. Chinese Charactor - 夸父追日【kuā fù zhuī rì】 - Learn Chinese online -- 2010-09-23 07:57:16
. Learn Chinese online - 三人成虎【sān rén chéng hǔ】 - Chinese Charactor -- 2010-09-16 07:35:30
. Chinese Charactor - 映雪读书【yìng xuě dú shū】- Learn Chinese online -- 2010-09-09 08:40:08
. Learn Chinese online - Grammar What Are You Going to Buy? -- 2010-05-27 22:54:31
Conversation more
Learn Chinese conversation online. learn oral Chinese online
. Chinese Buffet - Go on a Diet (Intermediate)
. Practical Conversation 160句 -2 (Survival Level)
. Talking about the Weather (Beginner Level 2)
. At Li's Home (Beginner Level)
. Dialog about Profession (1) (Beginner Level)
. Chinese Conversation -Good news to an accountant- Learn Mandarin online
. Chinese Conversation -A successful restaurant AD - Learn Mandarin online
. Chinese Conversation -Approving a new purchase- Learn Mandarin online
. Chinese Conversation -Making early reservations- Learn Mandarin online
. Chinese Conversation -Clarifying final details- Learn Mandarin online
Listening - Pod cast more
Learn Chinese online with mp3, video and pod cast.
. Evening News 2007-02-13 (Chinese News)
. What is your name? (Practical Chinese)
. Ask for Help in a hotel (Practical Chinese)
. Go through the Customs (Business Chinese)
. Difference of Chinese Dialects
. Learn Chinese Podcast - Shanghai Dumplings (Tang Bao)
. Learn Chinese Podcast - Nanxiang Small steamed buns
. Learn Chinese Podcast - Glutinous Rice Cakes (Zi Fan Gao)
. Learn Chinese Podcast - Chenghuang Temple Spiced Beans (Cheng Huang Miao Wu Xiang Dou)
. Learn Chinese Podcast - Bean curd Sheets (Bai Ye)

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Foreigners in China
"Dashan" is the stage name of Mark Rowswell. Almost unknown outside of mainland China, Dashan is arguably the most famous foreigner in China.
learn chinese in beijing
In 1995, Beijing Television Station hosted the first Songs from Our Land: Foreigners Singing Chinese Songs competition. Foreign friends living in China came from all over the country to display their talents and join in the fun.
Learn Chinese Mandarin
Many teachers do not realize the impact they have on their students’ lives as teaching, especially in the case of the United States, is a profession too often looked down upon and under appreciated.

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Chinese Podcast
Learn mandarin
Vocabulary: 医院, hospital, 长城, the Great Wall. 烤鸭, Beijing Duck. 京剧, Beijing Opera
Function: How to express 'qù' - 去 - Go somewhere, 去, 没去, 去过, 不去; How to express 'guò' - 过 - Past Tense , 去过, 吃过 , 看过
Level: Zero to Survival Level
Learn Chinese lessons online
Vocabulary: 老师 teacher, 医生 doctor, 护士 nurse
Function: How to ask questions - 她是老师吗?Is she a teacher? 您是医生吗?Are you a doctor? 他是护士吗?Is he a nurse?
Level: Zero to Survival Level
Learn to speak Chinese
Sentences: 你有什么爱好?What’s your hobby? You can answer with either 喜欢 or 爱. 得 means have to. 我得减肥, I have to lose weight. 应该 means should. 你应该去睡觉。You should go to sleep.
Level: Zero to Survival Level

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