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Chinese Language

The Hello! Mandarin course is designed for all level learners with all kinds of purposes, such as interests, culture, business, characters, etc. Any Chinese learners can find proper courses including standard course and custom-made course. If you cannot find your favorite course, please contact your private adviser. Hello! Mandarin will design a course just for you with a reasonable price.

Chinese Course

practical Chinese
Business Chinese
Children Chinese
Brief Introduction of Textbook Authors
Practical Chinese
(Survival - Beginner)
China Team: Prof. Liu Xun (Beijing Language and Culture University), Associate Prof. Zhang Kai, Liu Shehui, Chen Xi, Zuo Shandan and Shi Jiawei.
Overseas Team: Robert S. Chen and Zheng Zhining (Chinese Coordinator of the Asian Studies Department of U.B.C), Dr. Helen Wu of the University of Toronto, Wang Renzhong of McGill University, the University of Montreal, the University of Toronto, the University of British Columbia, Simon Fraser University and University of Victoria
Practical Chinese
Prof. Yang Ji Zhou (Beijing Language and Culture University)
Practical Chinese
Prof. Li Xiao Qi (Peking University) who ever taught Chinese in New York State University, United States Matilda summer school, Stanford University
Business Chinese
China Team: Prof. Yu Xiao Rong (Peking University)
Overseas Team: Prof. Guan Dao Xiong (University of California)
Children Chinese
Prof. Li Xiao Qi (Peking University). In the process of compiling, acted in close coordination with the British Council. The textbooks were tried out in some junior middle schools in UK under the organization of the British Council. After soliciting opinions from the experts concerned, the textbooks have been published in the UK by the British Council with the title Chinese for GCSE.
* Most of above paper based textbooks can be found in
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