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Survival Chinese - Topic
  你好!How do you do?
  你身体好吗?How is your health?
  你工作忙吗?Are you busy with your work?
  您贵姓?May I know your name?
  我介绍一下儿 Let me introduce
  你的生日是几月几号 when is your birthday?
  你家有几口人?How many people are there in your family?
  现在几点?what time is it?
  你住在哪儿?where do you live?
  邮局在哪儿?where is the post office?
  我要买橘子 I want to buy some oranges.
  我想买毛衣 I want to buy a sweater
  要换车 you need to change buses.
  我要去换钱 I am going to change money
  我要打国际电话 I want to make an international telephone call
  你看过京剧吗?Have you ever seen a Beijing opera?
  去动物园 Going to the zoo
  路上辛苦了 Did you have a good trip
  欢迎你 You are welcome
  为我们的友谊干杯 Let’s have a toast to our friendship.
  请你参加 Will you join us?
  我不能去 I can’t go
  对不起 I am sorry
  我觉得很遗憾 It is a great pity.
  这张画儿真美 This picture is very beautiful
  祝贺你 Congratulations!
  你别抽烟了 Please don’t smoke
  今天比昨天冷 It is colder today than it was yesterday.
  我也喜欢游泳 I also like swimming
  请你慢点儿说 Please speak slowly
  那儿的风景美极了 The scenery is very beautiful there!
  你的钱包忘在这儿了 You’ve left your purse/ wallet here
  有空房间吗?Are there vacant rooms?
  我头疼 I have a headache
  你好点儿了吗?Are you better now?
  我要回国了 I will return home
  真舍不得你们走 we are sorry to let you go.
  这儿托运行李吗?Is this the place for checking luggage?
  不能送你去机场了 I can’t go to the airport to see you off
  祝你一路平安 Have a pleasant journey
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4476 : 廖燕
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My name is Angel. I was a sale assistant, I worked in that position for 6years.And now, I study in Jinan University, I passed the test of a bachelor's degree in English last year.In my free time, I like singing,dancing,cooking,travel. I really enjoy to talk about culture with my foreingner friends.
4456 : 张旭红
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Hi,my English name is Renee,I lived in Shanghai more than ten years,I have a nice daughterhope,and two cats.I like any more. No stupid students if there are good teachers .
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Actually, in my case, I would like meet more friends through this platform, rather than to teach Chinese. I will use the most common language to communicate with you, to help you learn Chinese, at the same time, I also informative. Let us be friends, okay?However, it due to lack of stability in my job, online time is unstable, so if you are willing, please contact with me, okay?
4410 : 俞晓操
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I'm Susan, my chinese name is yu xiaocao. I graduated from Communication University of China, my major is radio and television director.I used to be an Olympic Games volunteer, During the 2008 Beijing Olympic Games.I like sport, art, reading and history.
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