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Children Chinese - Topic Group 2
  introduce your friend 介绍自己的朋友
  Who is he 他是谁
  He is taller than me 她比我高
  One day of mine 我的一天
  introduce your home or family 介绍自己的家
  My Room 我的房间
  Living room is in the south 客厅在南边
  The garden in your family is so beautiful 你家的花园真漂亮
  Shopping Interests 谈论自己购物的兴趣
  what do you want to buy? 你买什么
  How much of the apples? 苹果多少钱一斤
  This clothes is a expensive than that one 这件衣服比那件贵
  Talking about School Life 谈论自己的学校生活
  What classes did you have today? 你今天上了什么课
  Whether Chinese is difficult or not? 汉语难不难
  Come to play Ping Pong ball 来打乒乓球吧
  talking about the environment and health 谈论你对环境的看法以及如何表达自己生病了
  There will be flurry tomorrow. 明天有小雨
  In the park 在公园里
  I have caught a cold. 我感冒了
  talking about Fashion and Entertainment 你喜欢时尚的东西吗?你自己的娱乐爱好是什么?
  I like the color of your clothes 我喜欢你衣服的颜色
  I like Beijing Opera, as well as Dad 我跟爸爸一样喜欢京剧
  The concert is about to start 音乐会快要开始了
  talking about Media 谈论你们各自喜欢的媒体或媒介形式:报纸?杂志?电视?电影?网络?
  I will watch it with you 我跟你一起看
  His performance is so good 他的表演好极了
  If you have watched the broadcast or not 你看广告没有
  talking about Travel Custom 谈论各自民族的风俗。各自旅游去过的地方
  I have ever been to the Imperial Palace 我去过故宫
  Guangzhou is much hotter than Beijing 广州比北京热得多
  Eating moon cakes, and watching the moon 吃月饼,看月亮
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