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Children Chinese - Topic Group 1
  self-introduction & give greetings 自我介绍和与人打招呼
  How do you do? 你好
  What is your name? 你叫什么
  Where is your home? 你家在哪儿
  introduce your family member 介绍自己的家庭成员
  Dad and Mum 爸爸、妈妈
  I have a cat 我有一只小猫
  My family is not big 我家不大
  Talking about Food you like 谈论你自己喜欢的食物
  Drink milk, not coffee 喝牛奶,不喝咖啡
  I want apple, what about you? 我要苹果,你呢
  I like seafood 我喜欢海鲜
  talking about school life 谈论自己的学校生活
  Chinese Lesson 中文课
  Our Class 我们班
  Go to school 我去图书馆
  Asking time and Talking about Weather 怎么问时间以及谈论天气
  What is the time? 现在几点
  My Birthday 我的生日
  Whether it is cold today? 今天冷不冷?
  Your ideal job 谈论自己以后想做什么工作
  He is a doctor 他是医生
  He works in a hospital 他在医院工作
  I want to be an actor 我想做演员
  your own hobby 谈论自己的个人爱好
  What is your hobby? 你的爱好是什么
  Can you play tennis? 你会打网球吗
  I watch TV everyday. 我天天看电视
  which traffic tools do you like? 你喜欢什么样的交通工具
  This is the train station 这是火车站
  I go there by plain 我坐飞机去
  The bus is the front. 汽车站在前边
  introduce your friend 介绍自己的朋友
  Who is he 他是谁
  He is taller than me 她比我高
  One day of mine 我的一天
  introduce your home or family 介绍自己的家
  My Room 我的房间
  Living room is in the south 客厅在南边
  The garden in your family is so beautiful 你家的花园真漂亮
  Shopping Interests 谈论自己购物的兴趣
  what do you want to buy? 你买什么
  How much of the apples? 苹果多少钱一斤
  This clothes is a expensive than that one 这件衣服比那件贵
  Talking about School Life
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