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Chinese Dictionary Download (Free): Google and Kingsoft launched a free Chinese-English-Chinese Dictionary in 2008.
If you install it on a non-Chinese operating system you probably see a lot of weird symbols (not Chinese but more machine language like), on the first page of the install, tick the box (you probably agree of giving away your privacy to Kingsoft and Google and whoever else is listening in) and then continue with clicking wherever it shows a (n) on a button. Download here >>
Google Chinese Dictionary is the translation market for the joint development of the Internet, apply to individual users for free translation software. Software with some of the local lexicon, only 23M, light and easy to use; the release version of Kingsoft's get inherited words, search words and search words such classic features, and add text translation, website translation and coverage of new words, popular words query network dictionary; support Chinese, Japanese, English trilingual inquiries, and included 300 000 words of pure human voice, including 50,000 long-term, difficult to pronounce words.
Chinese Dictionary Function
More than 150 dictionaries of the dictionary, more than 70 fields, 28 species of standing data, Chinese, Japanese, British big Cihai Internet to provide online update, the first master the popular vocabulary.
Add 700,000 listen database to help you write fluent English arbitrary sentences, rather than simply providing inaccurate translation in English and Chinese. Only a small amount of change that can be satisfied with the English translation of the sentence.
A real voice Chinese Dictionary - to help you correct pronunciation!