Date: May 16th 2010

Chinese Learning Magazine - 2010.05
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Chinese Podcast - I want to exchange $100

Dialogue One

Hello. I want to exchange one hundred U.S. dollars for RMB. What is the exchange rate? You can exchange 100 U.S. dollars for 800 RMB.

Dialogue Two

Hello! I want to withdraw 800 hundred yuan for U.S. dollars. Ok. Wait a moment. Thanks.

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New Teacher Introduction

Tutor No. 58 - Zhang Lin
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China EXPO - Japan Pavilion welcomes Toyama Day

Toyama started its theme day at Japan Pavilion this morning with the theme "abundant water against snow."
Toyama is a prefecture along the Sea of Japan coast in central Japan, the first prefecture of Japan coming to the Expo for promotions.
It boasts advanced industrial technology and abundant fisheries. Surrounded by steep mountains, valleys and lakes, it is also blessed with beautiful landscapes.

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Business Chinese - Shipment

Basic Expressions
1. How long does it usually take you to make a delivery?
2. As a rule, we deliver all our orders within three months after receipt of the covering L/C.
3. Could you possibly advance shipment further more?
4. I hope that the goods can be shipped promptly after you get our L/C.
5. Shipment should be made before October,otherwise we are not able to catch the season.
6. The earliest shipment we can make is early March.

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Introduction of New Volunteers
Volunteer No: 4174
Guisong Huang
Hello! I have been teaching English as a foreign language in a middle school for about 17 years. It's been fun and wonderful for me to be improving with the students through lively classroom teaching. .Read more.
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Chinese Culture - Peppery Shredded Chicken

Taste: Peppery, spicy, salty and refreshing all at the same time.
Features: Shiny and brown in color.
250 grams (0.55lb) chicken breast
150 grams (0.33 lb) bamboo shoots
500 grams (1 cup) cooking oil (only 1/5 to be consumed)
1 egg white
1 1/2 grams (1/4 tsp) salt
1 gram (1/4 tsp)MSG

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