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Chinese Pinyin – 查[zhā, chá] – HSK

Wednesday, July 28th, 2010

to research
to check
to investigate
to examine
to refer to
to search


  1. 他把硬币倒过来,仔细检。He reversed the coin and examined it carefully.
  2. 出国前我必须进行体格检。I have to have a medical examination before going abroad.
  3. 她在医院里接受了全面检。She underwent a thorough examination at the hospital.
  4. 你应该字典找出这个单词的正确读音。You should look up the right pronunciation of this word in the dictionary.
  5. 你可以在词汇表里这个词。You can look up this word in the vocabulary.
  6. 医生仔细检了她的身体。The doctor examined her carefully.
  7. 公司雇佣了一名侦探来调这次事故。The company hired a detective to investigate the accident.
  8. 他的陈述促使他们去调。His representation influenced them to investigate.


查: 概述 cha、zha 部首: 木 部首笔画: 04 总笔画: 09check; consult; examine; investigate;1 意义 (1)査chá(2)(形声。从木,且… 详情

HSK – 蜡[zhà, là] – Chinese Pinyin

Tuesday, July 27th, 2010



  1. 人们总是把老师比喻为燃烧的烛。Teachers are often compared to burning candles.
  2. 烛被风吹灭了。The candle was blown out by the wind.
  3. 他一口气吹灭了烛。He blew out the candles with a single puff.
  4. 他把烛放在银烛台上。He put the candle on the silver candlestick.
  5. 他点燃了生日蛋糕上的小烛。He lit the candles on the birthday cake.
  6. 我们点燃了烛,蜡烛照亮了房间。We lit the candle and the candle lit the room.
  7. 烛是由石蜡做成的。Candles are made of paraffin wax.
  8. 他点燃了一支烛。He lit up a wax candle.


Chinese Pinyin – 渣[zhā] – HSK

Sunday, July 18th, 2010



  1. 滓都沉到瓶底了。The dregs have settled at the bottom of the bottle.
  2. 这些罪犯都是社会的滓。These criminals are the dregs of society.


渣: broken bits; dregs; residue; sediment;zhā(1)(形声。从水,查声。本义:滓,物质经提炼或使用后的残余部分)(2)同本义 【dregs;offscouri… 详情