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Chinese Conversation -Good news to an accountant- Learn Mandarin online

Tuesday, January 10th, 2012

Good news to an accountant
A: Good morning, Mary? It’s John Kramer calling. You remember you handled my tax forms for me?
B: Of course, Mr. Kramer. How are things going these days?
A: Better than ever! You won’t have to worry about “finding” extra money for me anymore! We made nearly a quarter of million in profit last year!
B: Congratulations! I’m really glad to hear it! That should make balancing the books a lot easier!


Chinese Conversation -办公室会话- Learn Mandarin online

Monday, September 19th, 2011
A recruitment appointment
A: Excuse me. Mr. Emory?
B: Yes, Ms. Rodriguez? How can I help you?
A: I wanted to see if I could arrange a meeting with you to discuss recruitment.
B: Absolutely. I’ve been wanting to meet with you about that. Let me just get my book.


Chinese Conversation – 天气酷热 德主管劝员工别上班 – Learn Mandarin online

Friday, August 13th, 2010

双语阅读:天气酷热 德主管劝员工别上班

Young boys cool off in a public fountain in Munich July 13, 2010.As Germany wilts in sweltering temperatures, a manager in a Berlin government office told his 260 sweating workers to go home, a newspaper reported Friday, undermining Germans’ reputation for efficiency.[Agencies]

As Germany wiltsin swelteringtemperatures, a manager in a Berlin government office told his 260 sweating workers to go home, a newspaper reported Friday, undermining Germans’ reputation for efficiency.

According to the BZ local tabloid, the boss of the Berlin office for tax evasion investigations sent an email to his employees saying: “Everyone should decide for themselves if they feel up toworking in these temperatures.”

“This decision should be taken before you pass out… taking time off work today could in many cases be a wise decision which would have my full understanding,” wrote Erik Schliephake in the email printed by BZ.

“With greetings bathed in sweat,” the boss signed offthe note.

The BZ carried the story on its front page with the headline: “Whoever sweats gets to go home.”

Berliners have been baking in a seemingly relentless heatwave in recent weeks, with the mercury frequently soaring into the high 30s Celsius (high 90s Fahrenheit) and July on course to be the hottest on record.



这位主管名叫埃里克 施里费克,BZ报刊登了他的电子邮件。他在邮件中写到:“别等到自己热晕了再去请假……今天请假无论从哪方面说都是一个明智的决定,我完全理解。”





wilt: to become weak or tired(变得委靡不振;发蔫;变得又累又乏)

sweltering: 闷热的

tabloid: a newspaper with small pages (usually half the size of those in larger papers).Tabloids usually have short articles and a lot of pictures and stories about famous people, and are thought of as less serious than other newspapers. (小报,通俗小报,版面通常比大报小一半,文章短,图片多,经常报道名人佚事)

feel up to: 觉得有精力(做某事);感到有能力(处理某事)

pass out: to lose consciousness(昏迷;失去知觉)

sign off: to end a letter(结束写信)