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Chinese Charactor -捷足先登【jié zú xiān dēng】- Learn Chinese online

Wednesday, November 16th, 2011


“Jie zu xian deng” is a set phrase meaning that the nimble-footed will ascend the peak first, also used as a metaphor for a swift action to achieve success ahead of others.


捷足先登[jié zú xiān dēng]

The swift-footed arrive first; the race is to the swiftes; it’s the early bird that catches the worm;

Wǒ zhèng yào shēn qǐng nà gè gōng zuò shí,fā xiàn yǐ yǒu rén jié zú xiān dēng。

我 正 要 申 请 那 个 工 作 时,发 现 已 有 人 捷 足 先 登。

I found that someone had beaten me to it when I was going to apply for the job.

Chinese Charactor – Hotel – Learn Chinese online

Tuesday, July 27th, 2010


In big cities, such as Beijing or Shanghai, with many tourist attractions, hotels have become the temporarily accommodation for moderately paid ordinary tourists, which are cheaper than star-rated hotels, but provide worse environment than the latter, with public toilets or bathing rooms only.


Pinyin: 旅馆 [lǚguǎn]


[lǚ]: 旅行[lǚxíng] (travel), 旅客[lǚkè] (traveler)

[guǎn]: 饭馆 [fànguǎn](restaurant), 旅馆[lǚguǎn] (hotel), 图书馆 [túshūguǎn](library)

Common collocation:

一家旅馆[yìjiā lǚguǎn](a hotel)

住旅馆[zhùlǚguǎn](stay in a hotel)

Wǒ zànshí zhùzài lǚguǎn lǐ。

暂时 住在 旅馆 里。

I am staying in at the hotel temporarily.



Learn Chinese online – China Post – Chinese Charactor

Monday, July 26th, 2010


Green is the color of the postal service. Mailing a letter (weighting within 100 grams) to a local address will cost you eight Jiao RMB, and 12 Jiao RMB is needed if you mail a letter to people in other cities or towns in China. You will be charged five to seven Yuan RMB if you mail a letter (weighting within 20 grams) to foreign countries. Sending time varies due to the distance. A local letter needs two days to arrive and a letter to other cities or towns needs one day longer than the local one. However, with the popularity of email and the acceleration of artificial speed, the postal service inevitably faces challenges in terms of price and speed. From August, 2008, a city express mail service was initiated in Beijing, which guaranteed same-day delivery for the same price as before, thus making life much easier for locals.


zhōngguó yóuzhèng
běnbù wàibù
中 国 邮 政 ( 外埠 本埠)
Zhong guo you zheng (ben bu, wai bu)

yóuzhèng xìntǒng
邮政  信筒

You zheng xin xiang (mailbox)

邮政[yóuzhèng](post): abbreviation for “post office”. People always call the post office “post”.

Wǒ qù yóujú jìxìn
邮局 寄信。
(I’m going to the post office to mail a letter)

Wǒ děi qù yítàng yóujúgěi péngyǒu jì shū
一趟 邮局, 寄书。
( I must go to the post office to mail books to my friend).

yóu zhèng xìn tǒng

(mailbox), or, simply, you xiang (mailbox)

Nǐ kě yǐ bǎ xìn zhí jiē tóu jìn yóu tǒng
可以把 筒。
(You can put letters directly into the mailbox).