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Business Chinese -吉娜和戴夫在隔间里 – Chinese School

Tuesday, December 20th, 2011

Dave:          Do you think maybe it would be better to just talk to Vince? Explain the situation?

戴夫:         你觉得去跟文斯说会不会好一点?解释这整个情况?

Zina:           No way. I want the satisfaction of 1) squishing this bug myself. Plus, what if it’s Vince?

吉娜:         门都没有。我要自己享受压扁这只虫子的满足感。而且若文斯就是那小子怎么办?

Dave:          I don’t think so. Your admirer seems kind of sweet. Aren’t you even a little 2) curious about him?

戴夫:         不会吧。你那仰慕者似乎还蛮贴心的。难道你对他一点都不好奇?

Zina:  He’s just a 3) distraction, like a mosquito buzzing in my ear. I want no distractions.

吉娜:         他只会让人分心,就像耳边蚊子嗡嗡叫。我才不要分心。

Dave:          A little distraction might 4) do you some good, Zina.

戴夫:         稍微分点心或许对你有好处,吉娜。

Business Chinese -应聘实验室助理- Chinese School

Tuesday, December 6th, 2011


1.  Coordinates the activities of student workers.
2.  Performs standard laboratory procedures.
3.  Compiles data and assists in routine preliminary analyses.
4.  Performs clerical tasks such as filing, typing, labeling and billing.


1) When I saw the advertisement, I thought it would really suit me.

2) Can you tell me why you replied to our advertisement?

3) Do you know exactly what you would be doing as a laboratory assistant?

4) What sort of student do you regard yourself as?

5) Thank you. When will I know if I am successful?

(A=Applicant   I=Interviewer)

I:  Good morning, my name is Martin. You抳e applied for the Laboratory Assistant抯 position, right?
A:  Yes. When I saw the advertisement I thought it would really suit me.
I:  Can you tell me why you replied to our advertisement?
A:  I think that I抎 be really good at this kind of work. In fact I learn so fast that I抎 be looking for promotion very shortly.
I:  Do you know exactly what you would be doing as a Laboratory Assistant?
A: A laboratory assistant helps to maintain scientific equipment, keep a check on the supplies in the store, and prepare the chemicals for experiments.
I:  What sort of student do you regard yourself as? Did you enjoy studying while you were at school?
A: I suppose I抦 a reasonable student. I passed all my tests and enjoyed studying subjects that interested me.
I:  What were your favorite subjects at school?
A:  Maths and chemistry were my favorite subjects at school. I also enjoyed history.
I:  Do you have any plans for further study?
A:  Well, I抳e thought about doing the part-time Chemistry Certificate course at Technical College. I think I would really benefit from doing that.
I:  Have you ever had a job before?
A:  Yes. I have worked part-time at a take away food store-the one just round the corner.
I:  We have a lot of other applicants for this position. Why do you think that you deserve to get the job?
A:  Well, I抳e found out a lot about this type of work and my research suggests that I would be quite capable of doing the work involved. I also think that I would be able to handle any training course reasonably well.
I:  I think I have asked you everything I wanted to. Thank you for coming along to the interview.
A:  Thank you. When will I know if I am successful?
I:  We抣l be in touch with you by telephone or by mail within a week. Well. Goodbye.
A:  Goodbye.
I: 早上好,我叫马丁,你申请了实验室助理这个职位,对吧?
A: 是的。当我看到广告时,我想这个职位非常适合我。
I: 你能告诉我为什么你回应了我们的广告吗?
I: 那你知道作为一个实验室助理具体做些什么吗?
A: 实验室助理就是要维护科研设备,经常检查库房的供应以及为化学实验做准备工作。
I: 你认为你自己是哪种类型的学生?你在学校时喜欢学习吗?
A: 我想我是一个挺好的学生,我通过了所有的考试,而且喜欢学习我感兴趣的课程。
I: 你上学时最喜欢什么课程?
A: 数学和化学是我上学时最喜欢的,我对历史也非常感兴趣。
I: 你有继续学习深造的打算吗?
A: 哦,我想业余时间在技术学院上化学认证课程,我想这肯定对我有好处。
I: 你以前工作过吗?
A: 是的,我在一个食品店做过兼职外卖,就是拐角处那家。
I: 申请这个职位的人很多,你为什么认为你该得到这份工作?
A: 是这样的,我对这种工作很了解,我发现自己非常适合做这种工作,而且我也认为自己能把培训课程学得非常好。
I: 我的问题问完了。谢谢你来面试。
A: 谢谢你。我什么时候能知道我是否被录用了?
I: 我们会在一周内打电话或者写信联系你的。那好,再见。
A: 再见。

Business Chinese -A compliment after service 服务后的称赞- Chinese School

Tuesday, November 29th, 2011

A compliment after service
A: Is there anything else I can do for you, Ms. Cozwell?
B: No, thanks. That’ll do it for today, Joe. I don’t know how you keep all this stuff straight!
A: Well, that’s my job, Ms. Cozwell.
B: And, you do it very well! Thanks again for the help!