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Chinese Podcast -起死回生- Learn mandarin

Thursday, December 8th, 2011

起死回生 (qǐ sǐ huí shēng)

Bring the dying back to life

A will-known ancient Chinese doctor named Bian Que lived during the Warring States Period (475 — 221 BC). He travelled from place to place to practice medicine, curing countless patients.

While he was passing through the State of Guo, he heard about the sudden death of the prince. He inquired about the case of the prince from an official. Judging from what he heard, Bian Que decided the prince was not dead, but was suffering from a certain illness. He said to the official, “I can bring the prince back to life.” The official thought he was boasting. “How ridicules! The prince is already dead. How can you revive him?” however Bian Que explained, the official remained skeptical. But he was also curious. So he told the King about V’s claim. The King, who is so desperate, lost no time in inviting Bian Que to the palace.

Bian Que used acupuncture therapy. The prince responded well, and after a while, he came to. Bian Que prescribed some medicine for a hot compress. Strangely enough, the prince immediately sat up. Bian Que then gave the prince 20 dosed of herbal medicine. And the prince fully recovered in 20 days.

From that story comes the idiom 起死回生 (qǐ sǐ huí shēng ). The phrase is used to praise the excellent skill of good doctors. People also use it to refer to the revival of dying things.

注释: 起死回生 (qǐ sǐ huí shēng) 在发音的时候实际为 (qí sǐ huí shēng)

汉语拼音的一个规律是当两个字在一起读的时候,如果两个字的读音都是三声的时候那么第一个字的读音要变成二声的读音,这叫“变调” ,后一个的字的声调不变,还是三声。

Chinese Podcast -白蛇传说- Learn mandarin

Thursday, December 1st, 2011

《白蛇传说》海报 [Photo:]



导演: 程小东

编剧: 张炭 / 曾谨昌

主演: 李连杰 / 黄圣依 / 林峰 / 蔡卓妍 / 文章 / 徐若瑄 / 姜武 / 杨千嬅 / 杜汶泽 / 罗家英 / 郭羡妮

类型: 动作 / 爱情 / 奇幻 / 古装

制片国家/地区: 中国大陆

上映日期: 2011-09-28(中国大陆)

又名: 法海:白蛇传说(台) / 白蛇传说之法海(港) / Its love / The Sorcerer and the White Snake


南宋年间,世道离乱,更有各方妖孽为害世间,某深山老林,一青一白二蛇修炼千年,化得人身,终日在山中畅意游玩,好不自在。二蛇偶遇上山采药的郎中许仙(林峰 饰),白蛇(黄圣依 饰)倾慕许仙,并偶然救得他的性命,自此凡心触动,决定下山寻找心上之人。适逢佳节,二蛇变作人形,以白素贞、青青(蔡卓妍 饰)之名来到城中。正所谓因缘际会,白素贞终与许仙相逢,结为夫妇。时有金山寺高僧法海(李连杰 饰)携弟子能忍(文章 饰)四方游历,降妖除魔。追寻二蛇期间,能忍为蝙蝠妖所伤,魔性大起,坚心动摇。其后师徒二人更与白素贞、青青二蛇上演正法与情缘的纠葛……

Chinese Podcast – Chinese Idioms- Learn mandarin

Thursday, November 24th, 2011





Lu Yu was a very learned and honest man of the State of Wei in the Three Kingdoms Period (220 — 280). He served as a senior official for three years and made many good suggestions to Emperor Wendi. He was later promoted to the position of Minister of Official Personnel Affairs.

When the emperor was selecting personnel for a very important post, some well-known people were recommended. But Emperor Wendi didn’t like them. In a special imperial edict, the emperor said, “whether we can find the right person for this post depends on Lu Yu. We shouldn’t choose those only with fame but without real ability and learning. Fame is just like a pancake drawn on the ground which you can’t eat.”

Lu Yu suggested that recommendation be combined with examination and the emperor adopted his proposal. Officials were then appointed according to their competence. This method won wide acclaim from the people.

From a phrase in the imperial edict came the idiom 画饼充饥 (huà bǐng chōng jī). At first, it means “value empty names”, or “enjoy a reputation unwarranted by any real learning”. Now, people use it in a new sense. By 画饼充饥 (huà bǐng chōng jī), we mean “feed on illusions” or “console oneself with false hopes”.