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China Travel – Hukou Waterfall

Saturday, May 1st, 2010

The Hukou Waterfall, the second largest waterfall in China, is located 165 kilometers to the west of Fenxi City, Shanxi Province, and 50 kilometers to the east of Yichuan, Shaanxi Province. The width of the waterfall changes with the season, usually 30 meters wide but increasing to 50 meters during flood season. It has a fall of over 20 meters. When the Yellow River surges towards the Hukou Mountain, blocked by mountains on both sides, its width is abruptly narrowed down to 20-30 meters. The water speeds up with increasing waterpower. Then it rushes down from the narrow mouth, forming a grand waterfall of 15 meters high and 20 meters wide, as if water is pouring down from a huge teapot. Hence it gets the name Hukou (kettle spout) Waterfall.

Standing on the bank of the Yellow River, people can see the roaring water rushing through mountains and then plunging into a deep pool, really resembling the boiling water in a teapot. The waves stir up masses of smoke and clouds, rising higher up into the sky, with the color changes from yellow to gray and then to blue. The local people call this marvelous scenery smoke rising from the water.

Beneath the waterfall is the Qilangwo Bridge connecting two provinces, Shanxi and Shaanxi. In the sunshine, the mist is refracted by the sunlight to create a rainbow spanning over the water like a colorful bridge.


Beijing Olympic – Broadway musical 42nd Street coming to Beijing

Friday, April 30th, 2010

Broadway musical comedy 42nd Street will kick off its eight shows in Beijing on November 13, the fifth stop of its China tour.

Its performance in four Chinese cities, especially China’s economic hub Shanghai, has been very successful, said the organizer Beijing Oriental Broadway International Theater Management Co. Ltd, in a press release Thursday.

It first gave 23 shows in Shanghai and has toured other cities since September, the organizer said.

The musical will be taken to another four Chinese cities after six days in Beijing.

The musical, telling the story of Peggy Sawyer, a young chorus girl who works her way up to become a Broadway star, won the Tony Award in 1981 and 2001.


China Travel – Diaoshuilou Waterfall

Friday, April 30th, 2010

The Diaoshuilou Waterfall is located at the northern end of the Jingpo Lake in mountains south of Ning’an County, Heilongjiang Province. The Jingpo Lake was called the Huhan Sea during Bohai Shire Period (698-926) of the Tang Dynasty (618-907), and later called Bi’erteng Lake, which means the lake is as tranquil as a mirror, in the Ming and Qing dynasties. As what it is called Jingpo (mirror lake), the water is crystal clear and tranquil like a mirror. During summer and autumn seasons, the lake takes on a fascinating look with mountains decorated with trees and flowers, birds hovering in the sky, fish jumping up and down in the lake, and the reflection of rocks and rosy clouds setting off each other.

The Diaoshuilou Waterfall is at the outlet of the Jingpo Lake where lies a crack formed during the cooling of lava. The water pours down through the crack to a deep pool underneath, with a fall of over 20 meters high and more than 40 meters wide. The waterfall bursts forth white waves that shine with multicolored rays of morning or evening sunshine and gives out a thunderous sound. In winter, the waterfall changes into an ice curtain, hanging down from the cliff. To the east of the waterfall is a pavilion with guardrails and rocks, providing a good place for people to stand or sit while viewing the great spectacle.