Business Chinese -吉娜和戴夫在隔间里 – Chinese School

Dave:          Do you think maybe it would be better to just talk to Vince? Explain the situation?

戴夫:         你觉得去跟文斯说会不会好一点?解释这整个情况?

Zina:           No way. I want the satisfaction of 1) squishing this bug myself. Plus, what if it’s Vince?

吉娜:         门都没有。我要自己享受压扁这只虫子的满足感。而且若文斯就是那小子怎么办?

Dave:          I don’t think so. Your admirer seems kind of sweet. Aren’t you even a little 2) curious about him?

戴夫:         不会吧。你那仰慕者似乎还蛮贴心的。难道你对他一点都不好奇?

Zina:  He’s just a 3) distraction, like a mosquito buzzing in my ear. I want no distractions.

吉娜:         他只会让人分心,就像耳边蚊子嗡嗡叫。我才不要分心。

Dave:          A little distraction might 4) do you some good, Zina.

戴夫:         稍微分点心或许对你有好处,吉娜。


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