Chinese Culture -Kungfu festival held in Swedish Capital- Study Chinese

Stockholm Kungfu Festival 2011 was successfully held in the Swedish capital despite the rainy beginning of the day on Sunday.

“This was the first of its kind ever held in Sweden which attracted people not only from all over Sweden, but also from Russia, China and other Nordic countries to display Kungfu skills,” said Peder Finnsio, Project leader of the Festival to Xinhua.

He said the purpose of the festival is to display various styles of Kungfu skills, attract people’s interest and popularize this kind of art among people.

The Chinese Kungfu and Taiji were introduced into Sweden in late 1970s and early 1980s. Now there are over 20 Kungfu or Taiji clubs and associations all over Sweden.

“I practiced some Qigong and Kungfu, I feel it is good for physical well-being, I feel healthy not only physically, it is also good for mental health, I feel much calmer after practicing Qigong and Kungfu,” Max Finnsio said to Xinhua.

The festival began at 10:00 a.m. with Taiji performance in Kungstradgarden, a famous park in central Stockholm. With the heavy rain at the beginning, many people held their umbrella to watch the performance. While the group performed Taiji on the stage, some people imitated off the stage.

The performances of Kungfu teams won a lot of applauses from the audience.

Various Kungfu clubs also held exhibitions and Lion Dance was also held off the stage with a lot of applauses from the crowded audience.

During the festival, the Sanshou and Taolu matches were also held.

Hundreds of people participated in the festival and up to a thousand audience were attracted to the whole day event.


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