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Thursday, September 22nd, 2011

Y: Dajia hao, perfect your Chinese every day, right here in the Chinese Studio. Wo shi Y.
B: And, wo shi B, ni hao Y. It’s animal week and time to learn more about our wonderful furry friends.
Y: Let’s check our key words of the day.

Key words of the day
Snake 蛇,Rabbit 兔子,dolphin, 海豚,the zoo 动物园Do you want to go to the zoo? 你想去动物园吗?Let’s go to the zoo. 咱们去动物园吧 。Shall we go to see the dolphins? 我们去看海豚好吗? Let’s go to see the lions first. 咱们还是先去看狮子吧。All in today’s Chinese Studio.

B: The zoo, the zoo, I want to go to the zoo. But what do I call it in Chinese Y?
Y: That’s easy, 动物园。
B: dong4 wu yuan2,
Y:  dong4 wu is animal or zoological,
B: dong4 wu,
Y: yuan2 means garden,
B: Yuan2,
Y: dong4 wu yuan2
B: dong4 wu yuan2 zoo. … And, do you want to go to the zoo?
Y: You mean  你想去动物园吗?
B: ni2 xiang3 qu4 dong4 wu yuan2 ma?
Y: xiang3 qu4 means want to go somewhere,
B: xiang3 qu4.
Y: dong4 wu4 yuan2, zoo.
B: dong4 wu4 yuan2
Y: 你想去动物园吗?
B: ni2 xiang3 qu4 dong4 wu4 yuan2 ma?  Do you want to go to the zoo?

Conversation 1
A: 你想去动物园吗?
B: 好啊,走吧。

B: So, we both want to go the zoo. Let’s go to the zoo.
Y: Great, but let’s say that in Chinese,  咱们去动物园吧。
B: Let me practice: zan2men qu4 dong4 wu4 yuan2 ba.
Y: zan2men  means we,
B: zan2men ,
Y: qu4 means set off for some place,
B:  qu4,
Y: dong4 wu4 yuan2  means zoo,
B: dong4 wu4 yuan2
Y: 咱们去动物园吧
B: zan2men qu4 dong4 wu4 yuan2 ba Let’s go to the zoo .….Great, can’t wait to go!

Conversation 2
A: 咱们去动物园吧。
B: 太好了,我正好很喜欢动物 。

B: Ok, let’s learn a few more names of animals. Snakes are fascinating.
Y: That’s a  蛇。
B: she2. And rabbit. Remind me, I should know because we were talking about the Easter bunny not so long ago.
Y: Okay,  that’s a  兔子。
B: tu4 zi.  How about dolphin?
Y: it’s hai3 tun2.
B:  hai3 tun2. Shall we go to see the dolphins?  How do I say it in Chinese?
Y: you can say:   我们去看海豚,好吗?
B: wo3men qu4 kan4 hai3 tun2, hao3 ma?
Y: wo3men means we,
B: wo3men,
Y:  qu4 kan4 means go to see,
B: qu4 kan4,
Y:  hai3 tun2 is dolphin,
B: hai3 tun2,
Y: hao3 ma? Is it okay?
B: hao3 ma?
Y: 我们去看海豚好吗?
B: wo3men qu4 kan4 hai3 tun2 hao3 ma? Shall we go to see the dolphins?

B: 等会儿再去吧, 水族馆还没开门呢。

B: 我们去看海豚好吗?
Y:  It’s too early for the dolphin show. Let’s go to see the lions first.
B: How do you say that in Chinese?
Y:  you can say 咱们还是先去看狮子吧。Zan2men means we,
B: zan2men,  and wo3 men also means we,
Y: That’s right. hai2 shi4 means had better do sth,
B: hai2 shi4,
Y: xian2 qu4 means go somewhere first,
B: xian2 qu4,
Y: kan4 means see,
B: kan4,
Y: shi1zi is lion,
B: shi1zi,
Y: ba  is used to indicate suggestion,
B: ba.
Y: 咱们还是先去看狮子吧。
B: zan2men hai2shi4 xian1 qu4 kan4 shi1zi ba. Let’s go to see the lions first.

Conversation 4
A: 我想去看海豚。
B: 咱们还是先去看狮子吧。

Key words reminder
Snake 蛇,Rabbit 兔子,dolphin, 海豚,the zoo 动物园Do you want to go to the zoo? 你想去动物园吗?Let’s go to the zoo. 咱们去动物园吧 。Shall we go to see the dolphins? 我们去看海豚好吗? Let’s go to see the lions first. 咱们还是先去看狮子吧。All in today’s Chinese Studio.

B: Hey, it’s time to set off for the zoo. Y, what’s our question of the day?
Y: Remind us how to say, “Let’s go to the zoo” in Chinese.
B: Send your email answer to Hurry along and you could win yourself a prize. Mingtian jian.
Y: Until tomorrow.

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Thursday, September 22nd, 2011

An office party
A: Mrs. Montgomery? I’ve been trying to figure out when we should have the New Year’s party. Could you take a book at these dates?
B: Sure. The twenty-ninth is out. I’ll be out of the office all day at a seminar. Either the twenty-eighth or the thirtieth is fine.
A: Well, why don’t we make it the thirtieth? We can set it up from three to five. That way, everybody can just go home afterwards.
B: Sounds good to me. You make up the invitations, I’ve got run. I’ve got a meeting in five minutes.


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Tuesday, September 20th, 2011



Jay-Z And Beyonce Done?


Rapper Jay-Z and Beyonce Knowles reportedly began dating last August while in St. Tropez, but the pair never officially confirmed they were a couple. The pair did record a hit song together, 03 Bonnie & Clyde, and other rumors of their engagement stoked speculation, but it now appears that the two have parted ways.

据报道,说唱歌手Jay-Z与Beyonce Knowles是在去年8月同处圣曹菲市时开始约会的,但这一对从来没有正式确认过他们的情侣关系。他们确实曾一起录制过一首热门单曲《03 Bonnie & Clyde》,而且还有传言称他们订了婚,这使猜测之风四起,但现在看来这两个人却是各行其路。

In the April issue of Playboy, Jay-Z attempts to clarify the nature of their relationship, saying, “I used to see her all the time. We are not engaged, by the way. We’re just cool. We’re just friends.”


On Wednesday (March 12), Jay-Z confirmed to New York’s Daily News that he and Beyonce were a thing of the past. When asked about the 03 Bonnie & Clyde video, Jay- Z said, “That’s an old video. I’ve got a new video out.” When questioned about Beyonce not being featured in the new video, Jay-Z replied, “My point exactly.”

周三(3月12日),Jay-Z向纽约《每日新闻》确认说,他与Beyonce已是昔日往事了。当被问及《03 Bonnie & Clyde》的音乐电视一事时,Jay-Z说,“那都是旧的音乐电视了。我现都出新的音乐电视了。”当被问及Beyonce没有在新的音乐电视中客串一事时,Jay-Z回答说,“如我所言,就是这么回事。”