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Chinese Mandarin – China Pavilion to reopen soon – Chinese News

Saturday, April 30th, 2011

The price for entry to the China Pavilion – which reopens to the public from Wednesday until the end of May – has been set at 20 yuan (US$3), the World Expo organiser has said.

The pavilion will open from 9am to 5pm every day except Monday, but entry will stop at 4pm as a tour of the pavilion takes around one hour.

Tickets can be used on any day until the end of May.

Visitors can enter the Expo site at the former No. 6 entrance on Shangnan Road. The new entrance to the China Pavilion will be at the former entrance of the Chinese Provinces Pavilion. The provincial pavilion itself is closed as exhibits inside are being dismantled.

Visitors will have to go through the same security checks as those conducted during the Expo.

The exhibition will be almost the same as that during the Expo, with the national treasure of the “Bronze Chariot and Horse” from China’s Qin Dynasty (221-206 BC) on show. It may, however, be returned the Terracotta Soldiers Museum in Xi’an, capital of Shaanxi Province, at some point during the exhibition, Qian Zhiguang, deputy director of the pavilion said. Negotiations are being conducted with the museum.

A new exhibit will showcase the construction, infrastructure and operating procedures of the Expo 2010 in the waiting area of the pavilion.

Sixteen ticket windows and eight security checkpoints will be set up at the pavilion entrance to ensure visitors do not have to spend long buying tickets or going through security, said a staff member on the pavilion hotline.

“Visitors shouldn’t need to wait for long to get into the pavilion according to our estimates. However, the pavilion operators can not absolutely guarantee this as the maximum capacity is less than 50,000 people a day,” Qian said.

At the Expo, visitors with reserved tickets often had to wait for an hour to enter the China Pavilion.

Qian suggested that people avoid coming during weekends or on national holidays such as the Spring Festival or Chinese New Year, which falls on February 3, when a large number of visitors are expected.

Seniors citizens, disabled people, students, children and military personnel will be eligible for a 5 yuan discount. Children less than 1.2 meters tall can enter for free if accompanied by an adult.

Groups numbering more than 16 people must make a reservation ahead of their visits by going to The Website will open on Monday.

Study Chinese – Eat More Three-sour Food to Keep Health in Winter – Chinese Culture

Saturday, April 30th, 2011


Eat More Three-sour Food to Keep Health in Winter

“Little hot and more sour food” is a key principle for autumn diet according to the nutriology of Traditional Chinese Medicine. In winter time, those sour foods of lemon, sweet-sour plum and kraut can help you to spend winter healthily.

Taste of lemon is sourer and bitter than other oranges, as it contains over a dozen times of organic acid content than those of mandarin orange, orange,, etc. While the organic acid is the “bodyguard” of vitamin C, eating more lemon in late autumn can effectively prevent the skin from drying and suffering from excessive internal heat. Usually you can drink lemon dipped water.

Plum belongs to alkaline food, especially suitable for people with excessive liver fire. It is good for the digestion of spleen and stomach, nourish of liver and improvement of resistance. It is a good choice for soup and meat stew.

It is suggested to make kraut by yourself, with no or little peppery. It can be eaten after being pickled for 20 to 30days. As a kind of fermented food, kraut is added with the acid like lactic acid while remaining the most of nutrition of fresh vegetables. So it can invigorate the spleen and stimulate the appetite. It is also favorable for the solubility of calcium and phosphor inside the intestinal tract. As sunshine is rare in winter, loss of bone substance can be prevented with more kraut.

Learn Chinese Class – 贝贝的爱情密码 – Chinese Reading

Friday, April 29th, 2011


Several pictures of Beibei – Beibei doing Wu’s hair into a strange style; Beibei sound asleep on Wu’s bed in a unique position, Beibei riding Wu’s motorbike hurrican

e, Beibei climbing onto the roof after a cat…

Xun (OS): We all feel that Beibei is a really special girl.

Wu’s house. Beibei opens the fridge, takes out a bottle of beer, raises her head and drinks. She is totally chilled.

Beibei: Asang says I am not a girl at all. I don’t cook, don’t tidy the house. What most pisses me off is ⑤hanging around together all the time as soon as you start going out, going everywhere together…but that’s me. I don’t want to hide anything when he is around.

Xun: Have you said “I love you” to Wu?

Beibei: (vigourously shaking her head) That’s not me! Xun… that’s not the kind of love I’m after. It’s not what I want.

Xun gazed at Beiebei uncomprehendingly.

The cat raced into Wu’s dark room, Beibei shot up to block the way.

Beibei: No you don’t “Xiaobu”(picking up the cat and admonishing it). How many times have I told you, that’s Wu’s dark room…don’t be naughty!

Beibei suddenly went quiet as she saw hanging in the dark room a picture taken for Xun at Danshui when Xun and Wu first me.

Xun also saw it, was surprised and uneasy.

Xun (OS): It seemed like I had found out Beibei’s secret, I was very uneasy, because I discovered it at the same time as Beibei.

Beibei turned round and threw a radiant smile at Xun.

Beibei: Nice photo, isn’t it?

Xun was astonished.

Xun (OS): Beibei’s smile remained, but her rear view revealed her mood, it was not jealousy just unease.

Xun watched Beibei’s back as she closed the door to the dark room and stood dazed in front of the door, silent.

The scene changes. It is still Wu’s house. Xun and Asang are helping Wu pick photos, but it seems as if none of them satisfy Wu.

Asang: Wu, come on, which one do you want to enter for the contest? We’ve been looking for an hour now, I reckon these are all pretty good, why can’t you pick one?

Wu: …Sod it! Anyway I’m not happy with any of them.

Beibei suddenly pulls out the picture of Xun.

Beibei: This one will be good.

贝贝的数个定格画面——贝贝把伍的头发做成奇怪的造型; 贝贝酣睡在伍床上; 睡姿奇特,贝贝骑着伍摩托车狂飙; 贝贝爬到屋顶上追猫……




熏: 你有没有跟伍说过“我爱你”?









贝贝: 拍得真好,不是吗?






伍: ……算了!反正所有的照片我都不满意。


贝贝: 拿这张去好了。

hurricane /`h7rik9n/n.飓风; 狂风

radiant /`reidjnt/adj.发光的; 容光焕发的

trigger /`trig9/v.引发; 触发

nestle /`nesl/v.偎依; 抱

password /`p3sw8k/n.密码; 口令

⑤ hang around 闲荡; 转悠

A: These days they always hang around together.


B: Really? I thought they were not very close.


⑥ wring out (用力)绞; 拧

A: My heart is wrung out after hearing his speech.


B: What did he say?


Everyone is startled, especially Xun.

Beibei: (laughing openly) Don’t you all think this photo is a pleasant surprise?

Xun stared at Beibei in a daze and suddenly grasped something.

Xun(OS): I finally saw Beibei’s love. Her love is not possessive but is understanding. That was the password for love that specially belonged to Beibei, it could only be triggered by the person she loves.

The photo hung in the gallery. Beibei repeatedly nodded her head as if she was quite satisfied.

Beibei: Really well taken isn’t it? Such a natural smile (she elbowed Wu) big photographer, this time you will definitely get first place!

Wu and Beibei stood shoulder to shoulder, like mates, but Wu’s tender stroking of Beiebei’s hair indicated again their relationship.

Xun watched them and her heart felt ⑥wrung out.

Xun (OS): I’ve lost. Lost the understanding of Wu to Beibei, moreover I have lost to Beibei the words I can now never say, “I love you”.

Xun turned and left, with each step leaving Xun and Bei further behind nestling together…

Subtitles: My love password, I only leave to you.