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Dave:          It’s 1) crunch time, isn’t it? I wasn’t 2) nervous before the meeting, but now I am.

戴夫:         这是难关,对吧? 我开会前还不紧张的,但现在我紧张了。

Elvin:           No kidding. Time is running out.

艾文:         一点不假。时间越来越紧迫了。

Dave:          It would help to bring in a couple more 3) troubleshooters.

戴夫:         若是再找几个难题顾问来解决问题,可能会有帮助。

Elvin:  Vince says he can’t 4) afford anybody else. We’re got to 5) come through.

艾文:         文斯说他请不起人了。我们得要自己撑过。

Dave:          Do you think we’ll make it?

戴夫:         你觉得我们会成功吗?

Elvin:           I guess we’ll either make it, or we won’t.

艾文:         我猜我们要么就搞定,否则就完蛋了。


A: Dad! I love that car.


B: Me too. But we can’t afford it.


Time is running out. 时间越来越紧迫了。】

run out 表示“耗尽、到期、届满”,而 run out of 是“将……用光、缺乏”,前者不能接名词,而后者一定接名词或动名词。

A: We’d better hurry. Time is running out.


B: But we have to find a gas station first. We are running out of gas.


A: Why didn’t we use the other car?


1) crunch time (n.) (俚)关键时刻,危机困境。

2) nervous (a.) 感到紧张的

3) troubleshooter  (n.) 解决麻烦问题的能手。

4) afford (v.) 负担得起

5) come through 度过难关


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