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Mary:          Is it true that one of our 1) competitors is planning to 2) launch their 3)tracking service next month?

玛莉:         听说我们有个竞争对手打算下个月推出监测流量的服务,这是真的还是假的?

Elvin:  That would be “WebTracker”. We’re heard they’re almost ready. That’s why we have to finish first.

艾文:         你说的是“网路搜寻家”。听说他们几乎准备好了。所以我们得要抢先完成。

Mary:          Or they’ll take over the market before we even get started.

玛莉:         否则在我们还没来得及开始之前,他们就会占去整个市场。

Elvin:  Right. And that would be a total 4) giga-bummer.

艾文:         没错。到时就一败涂地了。

Mary:          I guess we’d better get back to work.

玛莉:         我猜我们最好赶快回去工作吧


A: You have such a strange accent. Where are you from?


B: Take a guess.


take over 接掌、占据】

take over 表达商务上或军事上的“接掌、占据”。

A: Once again, the military has taken over the African country.


B: Do you think that’ll interrupt your plan of taking over the market there?


A: Maybe and maybe not. I just have to wait and see.


1) competitor  (n.) 竞争者

2) launch  (v.) 事业登场,投入市场

3) tracking service 监控服务,此指“监控网站流量的服务”。

4) giga-bummer  bummer是指“倒霉、不幸的遭遇”, giga这个“字首” 是指“十亿”,意即“非常巨大,非常多”。


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