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Chinese Reading – My airy ueen Love 之恋–第3幕 – Learn Chinese Class

Thursday, September 30th, 2010

Girl: Dorothy, a recent University graduate working as a bilingual teacher in a kindergarten. Her greatest pleasure is eating her favourite ice cream while listening to cool English music…

Guy: Quentin, a Project Manager in an IT company. He’s so busy that he usually only gets to enjoy some relaxation on a Saturday afternoon, quietly drinking a cup of coffee…

Scene 3 The 1001st Day

第3幕 第1001天

The days drift quietly by.

This Saturday is the 1001st day after Dorothy and Quentin first met.

This afternoon, Dorothy went to the airy ueen where they first met. Welcoming Dorothy to the store, the manager recommended to her a new item. “Welcome. This is the ice cream cake that we are newly promoting this year, beautiful and fresh, multi-flavoured. What type would you like?” Amongst the assorted delights, Dorothy immediately spied that new style cake. “I’ll take that one.” Laughing, the manager said, “This one has been designed for lovers, you can share it with your other half.”

At 3 O’clock, the manager placed the ice cream cake in front of Dorothy. Not forgetting to crack a joke with her, he said, “Still waiting for that unpunctual monkey of yours? This cake will tell him how you feel!”

The sky gradually grew dark; the ice cream cake was gradually getting soft.

Dorothy did not dare to touch it, afraid that then it would just melt quicker. “Where are you now? On the road or in the office? Have you gone and forgotten our date?”

At ten in the evening, the shop was about to close and the ice cream was totally melted. A tear slid down from Dorothy’s eye, she sent Quentin a text: ice cream cake melted, my heart will also soon dissolve…

Early morning the next day, the manager found Quentin anxiously ③pacing up and down by the entrance to the store. Seeing the manager arrive for work, he urgently asked, “I want to order an ice cream cake, can you do it at once for me?” “Young people! Don’t worry! What kind do you want?” “ I only want that kind!” Not needing to look, Quentin pointed at exactly the same one that Dorothy had chosen the day before. The manager went as quickly as he could to make the cake for Quentin. At the end, he asked Quentin, “Do you want to write something on top?” Quentin thought for a moment and said, “Please write ‘My Princess, will you be my Queen?’”

Holding the fresh ice cream cake in his hands, Quentin sprinted in great strides to Dorothy’s house…









relaxation /,r1l2k`seiH9n/ n. 放松;缓和

tap /t2p/ v. 轻叩;轻拍

demeanour /di`m1n9/ n. 行为;举止

unconsciously /7n`k4nH9sli/ adv. 无意识地

squirm /skw8n/ v. 蠕动;扭曲

shamefaced /`Heimfeist/ adj. 害羞的;抱歉的

radiant /`reidj9nt/ adj. 绚丽的;容光焕发的

perseverance /,p8si`vi9r9ns/ n.毅力;坚持

stride /straid/ v.大步行走

① catch sight of 瞥见;看见

A: What happened to her? I heard her shriek.


B: She caught sight of a mouse in the house.


② switch sth. off 关掉;切断(电源等)

A: Don’t switch the TV off, Mum.


B: Darling, it’s time to bed.


③ pace up and down 来回踱步

A: Where’s my brother?


B: Look, he’s pacing up and down, waiting for the train.


Learn Chinese online – 沉鱼落雁【chén yú luò yàn】 – Chinese Charactor

Thursday, September 30th, 2010


“chen yu” (sinking fish) “luo yan” (falling geese)are also known as nicknames for ancient Chinese beauties Xi Shi and Wang Zhaojun respectively.And each of these nicknames contains an interesting story.


沉鱼落雁[chén yú luò yàn]

Extremely beautiful;

Zhēn gè yǒu chén yú luò yàn zhī róng,bì yuè xiū huā zhī mào。

真 个 有 沉 鱼 落 雁 之 容, 闭 月 羞 花 之 貌。

Her charms would have made fish sink and wild geese fall from the sky, and her veauty put the moon and flowers to shame.

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Chinese Conversation – Calling a contractor 给承包商打电话 – Learn Mandarin online

Wednesday, September 29th, 2010

Calling a contractor
A: I have been trying to reach you for the last 3 days!
B: I’m sorry, Mr. Brunt. I’ve been out on a site for the last week.
A: Well, I need to know the specifics about the medical center project. We start building in under two months.
B: I understand, sir. I’ll come by tomorrow morning to talk to you about it, if that’s all right.