Chinese Character – Welcome


The sign is usually found in a restaurant or a mall. When entering a large restaurant or a shopping mall, waiters or waitresses will beam you a big smile and say “welcome”. Upon leaving, he or she will bid you a farewell by saying “thanks for coming”, “we welcome you to come next time”.



欢迎光临【huānyíng guānglín】


欢迎【huānyíng】(welcome) can be used alone, such as in

“欢迎光临【huānyíng guānglín】” (welcome),

“热烈欢迎【rèliè huānyíng】” (warm welcome);

an object can also be added, such as in

“欢迎某人/某事【huānyíng mǒurén/mǒushì】” (welcome somebody/welcome something),

“欢迎某人做某事【huānyíng mǒurén zuò mǒushì】” (welcome somebody to do something),

“欢迎您【huānyíng nín】” (welcome you),

“欢迎远方到来的客人【huānyíng yuǎnfāng dàolái de kèrén】” (welcome friends from afar),

“欢迎参观我校【huānyíng cānguān wǒ xiào】” (welcome to visit our school),

“欢迎总统访问我国【huānyíng zǒngtǒng fǎngwèn wǒguó】”(welcome the president to pay our country a visit), etc.

Characters: 欢 光


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