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Beijing Olympic – Men race to 1500m semifinals

Saturday, October 31st, 2009

Rashid Ramzi of Bahrain has clocked the fastest time in round one of the Men’s 1500m at the Beijing 2008 Olympic Games on Friday, August 15, at the National Stadium, with a time of 3:32.89.

Mohamed Moustaoui of Morocco ran the second fastest time behind Ramzi to qualify with a time of 3:34.80, while Augustine Kiprono Choge of Kenya goes into the final ranked third, finishing in 3:35.47.

Ramzi’s best Olympic result came in Athens 2004, where he appeared in a semifinal.

The competition is proving tough, with Kenyan-born Bernard Lagat of the United States, 2007 world champion and two-time Olympic medalist, only just qualifying for the semifinals.

“It is not going to get much tougher. It’s the same group of guys that I have to race again,” Canadian Nathan Brannen said after finishing and second and being injured in heat two.

“I got spiked but that’s just the name of the game. You feel a little prick out there and it just stings a little bit later,” he said.

The semifinal of the Men’s 1500m will be held on Sunday, August 17 at the National Stadium in Beijing.

Semifinalists in the Men’s 1500m and their qualifying times:

1. Rashid Ramzi – Bahrain 03:32.9

2. Mohamed Moustaoui – Morocco 03:34.8

3. Augustine Kiprono Choge – Kenya 03:35.5

4. Mehdi Baala – France 03:35.9

5. Christian Obrist – Italy 03:35.9

6. Nicholas Willis – New Zealand 03:36.0

7. Daham Naim Bashir – Qatar 03:36.0

8. Kevin Sullivan – Canada 03:36.0

9. Tarek Boukensa – Algeria 03:36.1

10. Deresse Mekonnen – Ethiopia 03:36.2

11. Juan van Deventer – South Africa 03:36.3

12. Carsten Schlangen – Germany 03:36.3

13. Arturo Casado – Spain 03:36.4

14. Andy Baddeley – Great Britain 03:36.5

15. Abdalaati Iguider – Morocco 03:36.5

16. Leonel Manzano – United States 03:36.7

17. Mulugeta Wendimu – Ethiopia 03:36.7

18. Lopez Lomong – United States 03:36.7

19. Belal Mansoor Ali – Bahrain 03:36.8

20. Asbel Kipruto Kiprop – Kenya 03:41.3

21. Nathan Brannen – Canada 03:41.5

22. Juan Carlos Higuero – Spain 03:41.7

23. Bernard Lagat – United States 03:42.0

24. Antar Zerguelaine – Algeria 03:42.3


Chinese Pinyin – chen (臣)

Saturday, October 31st, 2009

臣   [chén]

国标码:B3BC 部首:臣 笔画:6 笔顺:125125


  1. 该大已示意他明年可能辞职。
    The minister has indicated that he may resign next year.
  2. 她公开斥责那位大言论失当。
    She rapped the Minister publicly for his indiscreet remarks.
  3. 这些问题揭发後,有几个大辞职了。
    As a result of these exposures (ie facts being made known to the public) several ministers resigned from the government.
  4. 依照常规大在这种情况下应该辞职。
    Convention dictates that a minister should resign in such a situation.
  5. 他为赢得其他大的支持而竭尽全力,却因失算而彻底受挫。
    He was completely outmanoeuvred in his campaign to win the support of other ministers.
  6. 首相任命一些新大以增强她现届政府的活力。
    The Prime Minister appointed some new ministers to ginger up her administration.
  7. 这位封宣誓他将永远忠诚于国王。
    The vassal swore that he would be loyal to the king forever.


Chinese Character – forever sisters:永远的姐妹

Saturday, October 31st, 2009

forever sisters:

Chinese Pinyin: yong3 yuan3 de jie3 mei4