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Chinese Pinyin – bian (匾)

Saturday, February 28th, 2009
匾   [biǎn] 
国标码:D8D2 部首:匚 笔画:11 笔顺:14513251225
a tablet
a board with an inscription
a sign hung above a door


  1. 名牌记有名字的牌或,如挂在办公室门上
    A plate or plaque, as on an office door, inscribed with a name.


Chinese Character – cold-hearted:无情的

Saturday, February 28th, 2009


Chinese Pinyin: wu2 qing2 de


Cri – Lesson 248

Saturday, February 28th, 2009


R: Welcome to Chinese studio, Wo Shi Raymond
Y: Wo Shi yajie.
R: Well lets go over some ways to get rejected.
Y: No Raymond, I will not go out with you.
R: I didn’t ask.
Y: Just warming up for later.
R: When pigs can fly with frequent flyer miles.

Sentences of the week

I’m in the middle of something我正忙着呢。Actually I have a boyfriend. 我已经有男朋友了。Not interested. 没兴趣。All in today’s Chinese. 

R: Okay, I will try it one more time… Yajie, would you like to go out with me?
Y: What, can’t u see that I’m in the middle of something? 我正忙着呢!
R: Maybe I should try harder…. I will give u 100000000 bucks if you go out with me.
Y: Actually the point is that… I have a boyfriend. 我已经有男朋友了
R: Yajie, look me in the eye, I have something to confess.
Y: Not interested…. 没兴趣

R: Okay, that’s it, I give up.
Y: Well that wraps up this edition of Chinese Studio.
R: Thanks for listening. We hope to hear from all of you.
Y: How do you say Actually I have a boyfriend
R: Answer to
Y: Website.