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Chinese Characters: Chinese Characters: 摩羯座

Wednesday, December 31st, 2008

Capricorn (horoscope):

Chinese Pinyin: mo2 jie2 zuo4


Chinese Conversation – lesson 307

Wednesday, December 31st, 2008


When William talked about his experiences at Eton and the ever more intense media attention he anticipates in the future, he said, “I have particularly appreciated being left alone at Eton, which has allowed me to concentrate on my schoolwork and enjoy being with my friends without being followed by cameras. I hope I can enjoy the same freedom at university.”


Cri – Lesson 189

Wednesday, December 31st, 2008

R: Back to another day at Chinese studio. I am having loads of fun now that I can take the taxis.
Y: Ya, now you can get around everywhere. Gosh it seems all taxi drivers are crazy drivers.
R: That’s right well lets review some of the lessons while we go down this bumpy ride.

Sentences of the week
Please drive slowly. 请您开慢点儿。Taxies don’t stop here. 这儿不让打车。Is it far from here? 离这儿远吗?I only have 100 RMB. 我只有一百的。All in Chinese studio.

R:  Safety is the most important thing.
Y: so you need to tell the taxi driver: qing3 nin2 kai1 man4 dian3er.  “Please drive slowly.”
R: qing3 nin2 kai1 man4 dian3er. 
Y: qing3 means please,
R: qing3, nin2 is you,
Y: nin2. And kai1, to drive a car,
R: kai1,
Y: man4 is slow,
R: man4,
Y: dian3er literally means a little bit,
R: dian3er,
Y: qing3 nin2 kai1 man4 dian3er. 
R: qing3 nin2 kai1 man4 dian3er.   Please drive slowly.

Conversation 1
A: 师傅,请您开慢点儿。
B: 太快了是吧,好的。

R: Now I know taxies don’t stop somewhere. How do you say that in Chinese again?
Y: you can say: zhe4er bu2 rang4 da3 che1.
R:  zhe4er bu2 rang4 da3 che1.
Y:  zhe4er means here, the place where you are.
R: zhe4er,
Y: bu2 rang4, not allowed to do something,
R: bu2 rang4,
Y: da3 che1, take a taxi,
R: da3 che1, 
Y: zhe4er bu2 rang4 da3 che1.
R: zhe4er bu2 rang4 da3 che1.  Taxies don’t stop here.

Conversation 2
A: 我为什么打不到车?
B: 因为这儿不让打车。
R: Sometimes I just want to know: is it far from here?  How do I ask the driver in Chinese?
Y: here it is: li2 zhe4er yuan3 ma?
R: li2 zhe4er yuan3 ma?
Y: li2 means be away from,
R: li2,
Y: zhe4er is here,
R: zhe4er, 
Y: yuan3 is far,
R: yuan3, 
Y: the syllable ma is put at the end of a question,
R: ma, 
Y: li2 zhe4er yuan3 ma?
R: li2 zhe4er yuan3 ma?  Is it far from here?

Conversation 3
B: 快到了。

R: Here we are, but I have only a 100 RMB on me. How do you ask the driver if it’s okay or not?
Y: you can say: wo3 zhi2 you3 yi4 bai3 de.
R: wo3 zhi2 you3 yi4 bai3 de.
Y: wo3 means I,
R: wo3,
Y: zhi2 you3, only have sth…
R: zhi2 you3,
Y: yi4 bai3, one hundred,
R: yi4 bai3, 
Y: wo3 zhi2 you3 yi4 bai3 de.
R: wo3 zhi2 you3 yi4 bai3 de. I only have 100 RMB.

Conversation 4
A: 我只有一百的,您找的开吗?
B: 找的开。

Y: Well I hope that y’all learned how to take taxis.
R: That’s right! I sure did, but now we just got to teach the taxi drivers how to drive safe!
Y: Yea, but before we go.
R: We have the QUIZ OF THE DAY!
Y: And the quiz is How do you say: “    Is it far from here?    “. Get your answer and send it to us at
R: Do it and you could win a prize. Take care, Mingtian Jian
Y: Ciao. Mingtian Jian.