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Chinese Characters: August (month) 八月

Sunday, August 31st, 2008

August (month):

Chinese Pinyin: ba1 yue4


Learn Chinese Podcast – Happy China 252

Sunday, August 31st, 2008

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    Hong Kong is an international

    trade port.


    All name-brand products from

    all over the world


    are tax-free after they enter

    Hong Kong.


    So their prices are naturally a lot

    cheaper than in other areas.


    Therefore, Hong Kong has another


    beautiful title, “Shoppers’ Paradise”.


    And shopping is


    one of the things every visitor to

    Hong Kong must do.


    Learning Chinese the fun way


    and enjoying a happy journey

    along the coast!


    Hello there! I’m Happy Yuanyuan.

    韩佳: 大家好,我是快乐的韩佳。

    Hello, I’m Merry Han Jia.


    Hey, Han Jia,


    you’re late today.

    韩佳: 我可是准点来的。

    I came here on time.


    You came here a bit too early.


    Yes indeed.


    I surely came here a bit

    too early.

    韩佳: 说来你也奇怪啊,

    Oddly enough,


    every time we talk about shopping,


    you tend to be reluctant

    and unwilling to go.


    But why you are so

    different today?


    Oh, I’m different this time


    because we’re in Hong Kong.


    Things are tax-free here,


    not to mention the prices.


    How could I miss such a

    good opportunity?

    韩佳: 嘿,又来了。

    Hey, there you go again.


    But Han Jia,


    where should we go shopping?

    韩佳: 这不,近在眼前了。

    Look, it’s before our eyes.


    It’s right there.


    Oh, what a tall building it is!

    韩佳: 是啊。



    It’s the Hong Kong International

    Finance Center, Phase Two.


    It has a total of 88 stories.


    It is the tallest building in

    Hong Kong.


    Its crown-style top


    symbolizes that the building is

    connected to the sky.


    We can call it a skyscraper.


    Yeah, audience friends,


    do you still remember the word


    韩佳: “摩天”啊我们以前讲过。

    We’ve taught the word

    “motian” before.


    “Mo” means to touch.


    “Motian” means to nearly touch

    the sky.


    It is used to describe something

    very tall.


    So “motian” is used to describe

    something so tall


    that looks it’s touching the sky.

    韩佳: 那我们平常说的摩天大楼啊、

    So “motian dalou” means

    skyscraper, and


    “motian lun” means Ferris wheel.


    It always means very tall.


    So “motian dalou” means skyscraper


    and “mo tian lun” means Ferris wheel.

    韩佳: 那我们再来举个例子,

    Let’s explain with another example


    so as to deepen our understanding.

    Zhè shi yízuò mótiāndàshà

    这 是 一座 摩天大厦。

    This is a skyscraper.


    This is one of Hong Kong’s

    shopping centers


    where you can find the most brands

    and highest class of products.


    What is this?


    It’s my shopping list.


    Before I came to Hong Kong,


    I made a plan in advance.


    The things I want to buy

    for my family


    are all written on it.

    韩佳: 哇,这准备得够充分的呀!

    Wow, your preparations are

    so thorough!


    Of course.


    I came here well prepared.


    But Han Jia,


    I still need your help.


    I am not good at choosing styles.

    韩佳: 这个没问题。

    No problem.


    But do you have enough

    money with you?


    I do have some money.


    But I still need to plan carefully.


    If I didn’t have enough money,


    I would lose face.

    韩佳: 是啊。”面子”呢是一个名词,

    Yes. “Mianzi” is a noun,


    which means face or decency.


    “Mei mainzi” means to

    lose face.


    So “mianzi” means face,


    as in “to lose face”.

    韩佳: 那我们可以说,

    So we can say


    to save face, to lose face.


    Yes, absolutely.

    韩佳: 咱们就从这家店开始逛吧。

    Let’s start shopping right from

    this shop.


    Okay, good.


    Oh, Han Jia is quite a character.


    She said she would help me

    choose the styles for me.


    But look, soon after she found

    the things she likes,


    she just keeps choosing endlessly.


    No wonder people say


    girls always shop endlessly.

    韩佳: 哇,好开心哦。

    Wow, I’m so happy.


    I bought so many things here.


    You’re surely happy.


    But I haven’t bought anything yet.


    You said you’d help me

    choose styles.


    You just paid attention to

    buying things for yourself.


    That’s not right.

    韩佳: 也不能全怪我吧。

    You shouldn’t blame me alone.


    I did help you choose.


    But you thought this was good


    and that was good too.


    You were hesitant to make

    a decision.


    That’s because I just manage

    to come to Hong Kong


    and want to buy things for

    many people.


    Things for my dad,


    things for my mom


    and things for my older brother,

    older sister,


    younger brother and younger sister.

    韩佳: 行了,行了。

    Okay, okay.


    You’d better not worry so much.


    There are many places for

    shopping in Hong Kong.


    I’ll help you think carefully.


    Let’s take our time to find

    the things you want.



    韩佳: 这送礼物啊

    The most important point

    in choosing gifts


    is that they should be special.


    Soho is one of Hong Kong’s


    most popular shopping malls.


    In it, there are many small shops

    selling special products.


    You’ll surely buy what you want.


    Eh, it sounds good.

    韩佳: 嗯。



    The things sold in these

    small shops


    are all very special and unique.


    Let’s hunt for what your want.




    Eh, Han Jia,


    just now I noticed that in some

    of the shops,


    there is a very eye-catching character

    meaning “excellent”.

    韩佳: 哦,我也看到了。

    Oh, I noticed that, too.


    Yuanyuan just used


    the adjective “xingmu”.


    It means characters or pictures


    that are very conspicuous


    or eye-catching.


    So “xingmu” is an adjective,


    which means eye-catching.

    Zhè ge biāozhì hěn xǐngmù

    这 个 标志 很 醒目。

    This sign is very eye-catching.


    What does this character

    indicate exactly?

    韩佳: 这个呢是由香港旅游发展局颁发的

    That is an excellent service

    recognition sign


    issued by the Hong Kong

    Tourism Board.


    This sign


    proves that this certain shop


    has met the basic standards

    of clearly marked


    price tags, authentic products, honest

    prices and good service.


    This is great.


    I’ll just buy my gifts for my family

    in these shops.

    韩佳: 好啊。那赶快挑挑吧。

    Okay. Hurry to choose.



    Hong Kong is an international trade port.


    Many name brand products can

    be found here.


    Hong Kong is billed as a Shoppers’ Paradise


    thanks to its elegant shopping environment,


    high-quality merchandise,


    specialized shopping districts


    and high fashions of various products.

    韩佳: 看完了赏心悦目,

    After watching the Feast for

    the Eyes,


    do you really want to know


    what exact gifts Yuanyuan


    has bought for his family?


    Now we ask him to show them

    to us.


    All people say Hong Kong

    is shoppers’ paradise.


    This is surely true.




    I’ve bought all the things for

    my family.

    韩佳: 你买的东西可真不少啊。

    You bought quite a lot.


    Sure. Look,


    this is for my younger sister.

    韩佳: 好看。

    It’s pretty.


    This is for my granny.


    She loves wearing rings very much.


    And this tie is for my dad,


    who is extremely fond of ties.


    I also bought a ring for my grandma

    on my mother’s side.

    韩佳: 好了,好了。

    Okay, okay.


    I suggest you go on showing

    them later.


    Now please set


    today’s award-winning question.


    Okay. Here’s today’s award-

    winning question.

    韩佳: 当然了,节目的最后呢,

    Of course, at the end of

    the program,


    we have to remind you not

    to forget our slogan.

    合: 学说中国话,朋友遍天下!

    Learn Chinese and make friends everywher


Chinese Pinyin – ba (捌)

Sunday, August 31st, 2008

捌: [ bā ]  
[ 国标码:B0C6 部首: 笔画:10 笔顺:1212515322 ]

1. split
2. complicated form of the numeral eight