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Beijing Olympic – Shenyang to host Olympic Culture Show

Thursday, July 31st, 2008

Shenyang, a host city of the Beijing Olympic Games, will hold an Olympic Culture Show from June 23 to October 7, 2008.

The 8,000-square-meter main pavilion at the city’s World Expo will display the Olympic flag, torches, emblems, songs, medals, mascots and posters of various past Olympic Games.

Other exhibits include commemorative stamps, coins, pins, sports-themed sculptures, photos, films and videos, Olympic legends and their stories.

In addition to treasures of past Olympic Games, the exhibition will feature traditional Chinese and oil paintings, paper cuttings, calligraphy and couplets from Olympic Torch Relay cities.

As the Olympic Games will take place while the show runs, mass activities such as the live TV broadcast of the Olympic Games at the city’s Olympic Culture Squares as well as interactions with the public will be arranged. Popular activities like tug-of-war, martial arts, demonstrations of football skills and boat racing in lakes will also be held.

A section of the Olympic Torch Relay route between the World Expo and the Olympic Sports Center Stadium will be made a sightseeing spot to offer visitors a venue to fish, walk, run, and bike during the show. Traditional Chinese folk art and acrobatic performances will also be offered.


Learn Chinese Podcast – Happy China 221

Thursday, July 31st, 2008

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  旁白: 潮州这个地名

    It is said the name, Chaozhou,


    means a place where the tide passes.


    The city not only has


    a 2000-year-old history,


    but also countless sites

    of historical interest


    and a unique folk culture.


    Let’s learn Chinese the fun way and

    enjoy a happy journey across China!


    Hi there! I’m Happy Yuanyuan.

    韩佳: 我是快乐的韩佳。

    And I’m Merry Han Jia.


    In the next few days,


    we’re going to take you

    on a tour to find out


    some of the local features

    of Chaozhou.


    Han Jia, someone told me that


    visitors to Chaozhou


    should take a look at

    its city walls first.

    韩佳: 没错儿。

    Absolutely correct.


    The ancient city walls and

    the gate towers on them


    all have a history of more

    than 600 years.


    It can be said they are symbolic

    structures of Chaozhou.


    I also know that Chaozhou

    in the past


    had altogether seven city gate towers


    and the Guangjimen Gate Tower


    was the tallest and most

    magnificent, right?

    韩佳: 哇,完全正确。

    Wow, absolutely correct.


    I didn’t realize you know

    so much!




    Occasionally I have to show

    off myself.

  韩佳: 渊源,看你信心十足的样子,

    Yuanyuan, seeing you are

    so confident,


    let me give you a test.



    韩佳: 潮州的古城墙啊

    Chaozhou’s ancient city walls


    had a very important function.


    Do you know what it was?


    It is needless to ask.


    Of course, city walls


    were used to fend off enemies

    and defend the city.

    韩佳: 这个大家都知道。

    Everybody knows that.


    You have to say something which

    our viewers don’t know.


    An important function


    which our viewers don’t know?

    韩佳: 被难住了吧?

    Are you stumped by this question?


    Han Jia just said “nan” here

    is a verb


    that means to make difficult.


    “Bei nazhu” means to be stumped.

    韩佳: 嗯。“难”在这里就是指

    Yes. “Nan” here means



Chinese Pinyin – ao (澳)

Thursday, July 31st, 2008
澳: [ ào ]  
[ 国标码:B0C4 部首: 笔画:15 笔顺:441325431234134 ]

1. Australia
2. deep bay
3. cove
4. bay
5. harbor

1. 大利亚是一个讲英语的国家。
  Australia is an English speaking nation.
2. 大利亚是在大洋洲吗?
  Is Australia part of Oceania?
3. 别把大利亚和奥地利混淆了。
  Please don’t confuse Australia with Austria.
4. 我的外籍教师来自大利亚。
  My foreign teacher came from Australia.
5. 他从英国移居到大利亚,想找一份更好的工作。
  He emigrated from Britain to Australia in order to find a better job.
6. 这艘船定期往返于伦敦和大利亚之间。
  This ship plies between London and Australia.
7. 他去了洲, 很快就发了大财。
  He went to Australia and soon made a fortune.
8. 我一时心血来潮,拿起话筒就给在大利亚的妹妹打了个电话。
  On impulse, I picked up the phone and rang my sister in Australia.