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Cir – Lesson 122

Wednesday, April 30th, 2008

M: Dàjiā hǎo. Huānyíng shōutīng Xiànzài Xué Hànyǔ. Wǒ shì ManLi.

S: Wǒ shì Stuart. Time for Chapter four of our suspense story.

M: Chapter three ended with the xiǎo niǎo flying up.

S: Now, chapter four. 

M: 我和我的同事

S: The two big dogs ran out 那两只大狗跑了出来。Nà liǎng zhī dà gǒu pǎole chū lái.

M: The cat saw the two big dogs. 那只猫看到了那两只大狗. It thought, oh dear, it’s too dangerous here! 天啊,这里太危险了。Tiān a, zhèlǐ tài wēixiǎnle.

S: What will happen? Don’t miss Chapter 5, next lesson.

S: Now for the new stuff. ManLi said:

M: 那只猫摔到了地上。摔 SHUAI shuāi, 1st tone, means ‘to fall’, ‘tumble’, shuāi. shuāi dàole dìshang. 地 DI here means ‘ground’. Shuāi dàole dàshang, literally, fell to ground on. Remember, the little le at the end signifies completion. So what does ‘nèi zhī māo shuāi dàole dìshàng’ mean? Duìle. The cat fell to the ground.

S: Now say, the panda fell to the ground. A clue. Panda in Chinese is ‘xióngmāo’, just add a ‘xióng’ in front of ‘māo’.

M: Hěnhěo. 那只熊猫摔到了地上。Nàzhī xióngmāo shuāi dàole dìshang.

S: And I said, 那两只大狗跑了出来pǎole chūlái. 跑PAO pǎo, means ‘to run’, pǎo. 出来 CHU LAI chū lái, ‘to come out’, ’emerge’. So what does nà liǎng zhī dà gǒu pǎole chūlái mean? Méi cuò. The two big dogs ran out. Say it with me, nà liǎng zhī dà gǒu pǎole chūlái.

M: 出来 can be used on its own, as in 他出来了 he, she or it came out, tā chū lái le.

S: Like the qǐlái in ‘jump up’, tiào qǐlái, chūlái is often used after another verb. For example, 我看出来了,I see, wǒ kàn chūláile.

M: So, ‘说出来’ 是什么意思,what is the meaning of ‘shuō chūlái’? Méi cuò. To speak out, shuō chūlái, shuō chūlái.

M: Now say, they ran out. Hěn hǎo. 他们跑出来了. Again, zai4 lái yí cì, tāmen pǎo chū lái le.

S: Then, ránhòu, 那只猫看到了那两只大狗. 它想, 天啊,这里太危险了。

M: zhèlǐ tài wēixiǎnle. 危险 WEI XIAN wēixiǎn, means ‘danger’, ‘dangerous’ wēixiǎn.

S: So, everybody cry out, ‘careful! That’s very dangerous. 小心,那很危险! xiǎoxīn, nà hěn wēixiǎn. One more time, very loudly, xiǎoxīn, nà hěn wēixiǎn.

S: Now, to finish, Chapter 4, full speed.

M: 那只猫摔到了地上。Nèi zhī māo shuāi dàole dì shang.

S: 那两只大狗跑了出来 nà liǎng zhī dà gǒu pǎole chūlái.

M: 那只猫看到了那两只大狗. 它想,”天啊,这里太危险了!” tiān a, zhàlǐ tài wēixiǎnle.

S: Next lesson, chapter 5. Zài jiàn

M: Zàijiàn!


Chinese Conversation – lesson 62

Wednesday, April 30th, 2008


Many studies have shown that people with education are more successful in their life careers. Yet many famous people had very little education. Mark Twain, one of our most famous writers, and Charlie Chaplin, the great movie comedian, dropped out of school before 8th grade. The Wright brothers, who developed our first airplanes, never graduated from high school. Education is a great help, but it is possible to be successful even if you leave school early.


Children Chinese – Drawing(2)

Wednesday, April 30th, 2008

Download for Reading and Writing Practice lesson 22-2