Chinese Conversation -Good news to an accountant- Learn Mandarin online

January 10th, 2012

Good news to an accountant
A: Good morning, Mary? It’s John Kramer calling. You remember you handled my tax forms for me?
B: Of course, Mr. Kramer. How are things going these days?
A: Better than ever! You won’t have to worry about “finding” extra money for me anymore! We made nearly a quarter of million in profit last year!
B: Congratulations! I’m really glad to hear it! That should make balancing the books a lot easier!


Chinese News -China faces greater pressure to ensure energy supply in 2012: energy chief- Chinese Mandarin

January 10th, 2012

BEIJING, Jan. 10 (Xinhua) — China’s energy chief said here Tuesday that the country is under greater pressure to ensure energy supply this year as both demand and international competition for resources grows.

Liu Tienan, head of the National Energy Administration (NEA), made the remarks when speaking at a national energy work conference.

“It is always worrisome to have to sustain supply of energy and resources for a country with 1.3 billion people,” Liu said.

As China is facing a “grim situation” in energy saving and emission reduction, Liu noted, it is urgent to restructure the country’s energy use and control the gross consumption volume this year.

To ensure a stable energy supply, China will optimize the layout of energy exploration, start construction of energy-transmission projects and other major energy programs while boosting reserves of oil, natural gas and coal in 2012, Liu said.

The NEA plans to add another 200 metric tons to the country’s coal-producing capacity this year plus 70 million kw of new installed power-generating capacity.

If the ecology is protected and people are relocated, China will start construction of hydropower projects of 20 million kw in 2012, according to the NEA.

Once safety is ensured, nuclear power will be developed after the country’s new safety plan is approved.

As for renewable energy development, the NEA plans to launch wind power projects with a total capacity between 15 million kw and 18 million kw, while developing 3 million kw of solar power over the new five-year period ending 2015.

Liu said, in 2012, the country aims to provide electricity to another 600,000 people who currently have no access to it and expand electricity access to 5 million people by 2015.

The NEA has budgeted 65 billion yuan (10.3 billion U.S. dollars) for upgrading the grids in rural areas.

Over the next four years, China will facilitate the development of non-conventional natural gas, such as shale gas and coalbed methane by increasing the number of natural gas users by 100 million to 250 million.

A key indicator measuring the economic vitality, power consumption rose 11.7 percent year-on-year to 4.7 trillion kWh in China in 2011. The growth in 2012 is expected to slow to 8.5 percent amid the country’s economic slowdown.

Chinese Reading -Part II Meet NIN Coaches- Learn Chinese Class

December 30th, 2011


In time to the rhythmic music, her elegant posture and movement draws everyone’s attention. She is Baodiwo Yingpaisi Gym’s coach Zhang Rui who is also a Nike contrac

ted coach (NIN). Following the workout, we interviewed Zhangrui, her whole body emitting a fresh vigourous energy.


Q: How do you think the activity went today? Did it achieve the expected effect?

A: I think today’s activity was a great success. Nike put a lot into planning this event, the main thing was they felt how a lot of professional women out there feel concerned about lacking a sense of beauty. So they thought that via the medium of this transparent glass room they could get our female friends to both enjoy a workout and confidently ② show off their beauty. The title of the event is “Active Beauty”. We hope that, after this, everyone can boost their confidence and beauty via sport.

Q: The coaches have drawn up what forms of exercise to help the capital’s women realize their.

A: In today’s event we arranged a few different kinds of cardiovascular exercises. These included aerobics, yoga and latino dancing among others. These exercises are extremely popular nowadays. I think that only if professional women grasp the need for integrating movement and stillness and a balance of resistance and relaxation will they regain their beauty. Therefore, we think that through these classes, that combine movement and stillness, our women can achieve a complete transformation inside and out. I think that these classes will ③ be a great help in their aim to make themselves more beautiful.

问: 你觉得今天的活动怎么样?是否达到了预期的效果?

答: 我觉得今天的活动非常成功。耐克公司花很大心思来筹划这个活动主要是感于目前众多白领女性感受到自身魅力缺失的困扰,所以就想通过玻璃房这个透明的介质,让女性朋友在享受运动的同时,自信地秀出动感魅力。这个活动的主题是“我动 我魅”,正是希望大家以后通过运动来提高自己的魅力以及自己的自信心。

问: 教练们策划了哪些运动形式来帮助都市女性实现魅力的梦想?

答: 在今天的活动中,我们给大家安排了几种形式的有氧健身操,其中包括有氧操、瑜珈、拉丁等项目,这些健身操都是目前非常流行的新鲜元素。因为我们认为只有懂得动静结合、张弛有道的白领女性才有机会赢回魅力。所以,我们想通过这些有动有静的课程让女性朋友由内而外得到一次全新的改变。我觉得,这些课程会对她们的魅力提升一定会起到很大的帮助。

Q: What are the requirements for being crowned “Nike Beauty”? In your opinion what kind of woman could be described as full of charm and beauty?

A: Everyone can see, in today’s activity each participant has an initial score and a score for after the work out. Doing it like this is so that we can let them see even more clearly the benefits of working out to theirQ: What are the requirements for being crowned “Nike Beauty”? In your opinion what kind of woman could be described as full of charm and beauty?

A: Everyone can see, in today’s activity each participant has an initial score and a score for after the work out. Doing it like this is so that we can let them see even more clearly the benefits of working out to their that working out brings about a complete improvement in their individual beauty and overall feeling. Also, this is where the essence of this whole event lies, “Active Beauty”.

Q: Under a coach’s guidance, lots of young women have been substantially transformed with renewed self-belief. What do you think about their transformation?

A: Of course I am delighted, coaches are envoys of beauty. If through our efforts, a whole lot of the capital’s women can achieve their beauty targets, then that is our ultimate goal. We hope we can transmit our beauty to our female friends, get them moving and get them glamoured up.

Q: Which kind of exercise do you think is most suitable for today’s urban woman?

A: I don’t think you can be specific about these, there are too many. Generally speaking, classes nowadays, such as cardiovascular, latin, boxing are all great for modern city girls. Latin dancing can get women full of energy and yoga can relax and de-stress. However, something that is quite important is that, women pick things that they enjoy doing. I believe, only if you really throw yourself into sport can you achieve “Active Beauty”.

问: 获得“新生之星”的标准是什么?在你心目中,怎样的女性才称得上是魅力四射?

答: 大家可以看到,在今天产生的“新生之星”中,每个人都有一个最初的原始分数和一个运动结束后的分数。这样做是为了让她们通过运动实现的魅力提升更加明显化,让人感觉到她们在运动之后是最漂亮的。所以,我认为“新生之星”的标准应该是这样的:让运动使她们的个人魅力和整体感觉有一个全新的提高,而这也是我们举办这次活动的灵魂所在——“我动 我魅”。

问: 在教练的指导下,很多年轻女性健身后焕然一新,变得充实、自信!看到她们的变化,你有什么看法?

答: 当然是非常非常地高兴,作为教练来讲,我们就是美丽的使者。如果通过我们的努力,让广大的都市女性得到美丽,那这就是我们的最终目的。我们希望把我们的魅力传播给所有的女性朋友,让她们动起来,魅起来。

问: 你认为哪种健身项目最适合现代都市女性?

答: 我觉得这些项目并不是很笼统,很片面的。总的来说,目前的这些课程,比如有氧、拉丁、搏击这些项目都很适合现代的都市女性,其中有氧拉丁可以使女性朋友充满活力,而瑜珈可以使人心旷神怡。不过,有一点很重要,那就是女性朋友要根据她们自身的兴趣爱好来选择自己喜爱的项目。我相信,只要真正地投入到运动中来的话,就一定能达到“我动 我魅”的境界。